Anti-Tel Aviv Coalition in America Targets Dark Money

By Gamal Khattab March 14, 2024 2885

Groups Forming to Oppose Pro-Israel Pressure

Some groups in the United States are coming together to stand against the war in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Two Israeli newspapers have taken notice of these efforts.

Coalition Against Pro-Israel Groups

Haaretz reported that a coalition of over 20 Arab, Islamic, and Jewish organizations is forming to push back against pro-Israel pressure groups in the US. They are also working to counter the United Democracy Project of a pro-Israel organization, which is trying to build support for Israel in its conflict with Gaza.

Campaign Against AIPAC

The coalition, known as "Reject AIPAC," is planning its first campaigns against "dark money" received by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel political pressure group in the US.

"Dark money" is money that nonprofits get from donors and use to influence elections without disclosing the donors.

Organizations in the Coalition

Groups like Justice Democrats, The Sunrise Movement, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution led by Senator Bernie Sanders, and progressive Jewish organizations are part of the coalition. They are standing up against AIPAC's major political action committee and its efforts to influence elections.

Defending Democracy

The coalition is determined not to let AIPAC's super PAC undermine democracy. They are pushing back against the group's plans to target certain members of Congress who have called for a ceasefire and equal protection for Palestinians and Israelis.

Times of Israel Report

The Times of Israel also reported on the coalition's formation, describing it as a response to pro-Israel political action committees spending millions to defeat certain Democratic Party members in upcoming elections.

Alliance Strategy

The coalition's strategy is to connect grassroots organizations to protect targeted members of Congress and to highlight what they see as a departure from Democratic Party values by AIPAC.

The coalition will focus on supporting pro-Palestinian members and candidates, advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, and calling for conditions on American aid to Israel.

Source: The Times of Israel + Haaretz