Israeli Military Analyst: Gaza Invasion Risks Endless War

By Gamal Khattab March 13, 2024 3234

War Without End

A military analyst for Haaretz newspaper, Yossi Melman, is concerned that the Israeli invasion of Gaza could spiral into a never-ending war, similar to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

After 5 months of fighting in Gaza, Melman sees parallels to the situation in Ukraine, where both sides are unable to reach a settlement agreement and continue to insist on achieving victory without a clear definition of what that victory looks like.

Similarities in War Zones

No Clear Victory: In both conflicts, civilians are caught in the crossfire as participants claim to be victims and justify their actions. Despite receiving support from the United States, both Israel and Ukraine remain dissatisfied and ungrateful.

Tactical Achievements

Successes and Setbacks: Melman acknowledges the tactical achievements of Israel and Ukraine in the conflict. While Hamas has suffered losses, including the destruction of its military capabilities, the group continues to show resilience.

Recent rocket launches from Gaza aim to demonstrate that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are still active, rather than causing significant damage.

The Army's Dilemma

Guerrilla Warfare: Hamas is engaging in a guerrilla war of attrition against Israel, similar to Hezbollah's tactics in Lebanon. The Israeli army faces challenges in gathering intelligence and rescuing prisoners held by Hamas.

Political Stalemate

Leadership Crisis: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reluctance to end the conflict in Gaza is influenced by personal and political considerations. His far-right coalition partners oppose reaching an agreement, leaving the army trapped without a clear exit strategy.

International Pressure

US Involvement: The worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza has raised concerns internationally. The United States, including President Joe Biden, is running out of patience with Israel's handling of the situation. Netanyahu's hopes for Biden's downfall may backfire if former President Donald Trump, who has expressed disdain for Netanyahu, is re-elected.

Source: Israeli press