Japanese Event Dedicated to Support Gaza

The Islamic Center in Japan, in collaboration with Tokyo Mosque, organized a Palestinian Day last Saturday in support of Gaza, with wide participation aimed at raising awareness among the Japanese people about the Palestinian cause and the genocide committed by the occupation army in Gaza. During the event, donations for Palestine were collected, exceeding 1.6 million Japanese yen.

Yusri Al-Hamzawi, Director of Outreach and Education at the Islamic Center in Japan, stated that the Palestinian event was the third of its kind, continuing to support the Palestinian people. It was held at the Tokyo Mosque with broad participation from individuals, Islamic organizations, and Japanese visitors.

He announced that the total amount collected from donations and fees for using the venue and participating in the bazaar was approximately 1.6 million Japanese yen. Not to mention the donations sent through bank accounts, which will also be announced. Furthermore, the Turkish community raised 120,000 yen, and all donations will be handed over to the management of Tokyo Mosque to be sent to the campaign led by the Turkish Religious Affairs Authority to assist those affected in Gaza.

During the event, Dr. Reem Ahmed delivered a lecture about Palestine and the situation in Gaza, which received widespread interaction from the audience. Both the Qatari and Yemeni ambassadors were also in attendance.

Al-Hamzawi explained that the Palestinian Day included a bazaar that showcased a variety of products, including sweets, clothes, handicrafts, perfumes, and henna, along with presentations to introduce the Palestinian cause and its history.

He mentioned that there was a photo exhibition and a video presentation provided by a team from the Egyptian community, who announced their intention to donate a portion of their sales to support Gaza.

Moreover, the Muslim community at the Islamic Center in Tsukuba donated 165,000 Japanese yen to Gaza, while the Indonesian community contributed all their sales proceeds from the exhibition to Palestine.

Additionally, both the Islamic Center and the Egyptian community in Shim-Misato, which participated with two food tables, donated all their earnings to Palestine. The Syrian and Sudanese communities also contributed 20% of their exhibition earnings to Palestine.



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