Learning, Traps, and Snipers: Hamas Develop Tactics in the Gaza War Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 26, 2023 2506


Hamas' New Fighting Methods

 Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, is developing its fighting methods during the war with the Israeli army. According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Hamas is using more snipers and camouflage traps, just like Hezbollah in Lebanon. It's almost like there are Lebanese operations happening in Gaza!

Patterns in the Fighting

The fighting in Gaza has started to follow fixed patterns, and it has slowed down for a few reasons. The Israeli army is afraid of fighters hiding in areas they have already searched, and they are also worried about friendly fire after the shocking incident where three detainees held by Hamas were shot. Hamas is taking advantage of this situation by investigating, learning lessons, and finding weak points in the Israeli army's forces for the next round of fighting.

Hamas' Fear of Being Eavesdropped On

Hamas fighters are afraid of being constantly watched by the Israeli army. Sometimes, when soldiers inspect the bodies of dead fighters, they find instructions in their pockets on how to surprise the forces. These instructions include details on where to ambush the soldiers and even when to leave their hideouts underground.

The Israeli Army's Tactics

The Israeli army has been luring Hamas fighters, which has led to the elimination of some of them. There have also been reports of Hamas using snipers against the Israeli army and exploiting their weak points. Hamas is always looking for ways to outsmart the Israeli army and overcome their weapons.

Explosive Devices and Hidden Tactics

The Israeli army found a video clip in the helmet of one of the fighters. It shows that Hamas is learning how to hide explosive devices, like placing them in narrow alleys under dirty towels and egg cartons. This makes it difficult for infantry fighters to avoid them.

Don't Underestimate Hamas

The commander of the elite brigade in the Israeli army, Brigadier General Dan Goldfus, warns against underestimating Hamas. He believes it is important to visit the forces that fought in Gaza to learn more about Hamas' combat principles.