Biden is America's Most Fanatical Supporter of Israel Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 26, 2023 4657



President Biden's Unwavering Support for Israel

In the midst of the current war in Gaza, a journalist asked US President Joe Biden about the chances of a ceasefire.

To everyone's surprise, Biden responded: "Nothing, there is no possibility."

 This statement highlights the strong bond between Biden and Israel.

Biden's Support for Israel's Aggression

Biden's unwavering support for Israel in its aggressive actions against Gaza has put him at odds with the rest of the world and even parts of his own political base. Despite criticism, Biden has shown no signs of backing down from his support for Israel.

Defending Israel at All Costs

Biden has made it clear that he will always defend Israel, no matter the circumstances. He once said, "It is possible for Israel to enter into a fistfight with America, and yet we will still defend it." This unwavering support has raised concerns about Biden's bias towards Israel.

Little Sympathy for the Palestinians

Throughout the conflict, Biden has shown little sympathy for the Palestinians. He has focused on Israeli suffering while downplaying or ignoring the suffering of the Palestinians. This lack of empathy has drawn criticism from many.

Biden's Outdated View on the Conflict

Experts and officials have noted that Biden has an outdated view of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. He believes that peace can only come from the absence of disagreement between Israel and the United States. This perspective has influenced his support for Israel.

Biden's Long-Standing Support for Israel

Biden's support for Israel is not a recent development.

As a senator, he supported moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and attended numerous fundraisers for pro-Israel organizations.

As Vice President, he undermined President Obama's efforts to push Israel towards peace.

Continued Support Despite Controversy

Despite international opposition and criticism, the Biden administration continues to provide military aid to Israel. The US has already supplied Israel with thousands of bombs that have caused significant damage in Gaza. This support has raised concerns about human rights violations.

Personal Motives for Supporting Israel


Biden's support for Israel is deeply personal. He often attributes it to conversations with his father about the Holocaust and a meeting with Prime Minister Golda Meir in Israel. Influential figures like Senator Henry Jackson have also shaped his strong support for Israel.

Begin's Warm Welcome

 In the first weeks of the 1982 Lebanon War, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin visited Washington to seek support amid public criticism. Surprisingly, Biden welcomed Begin warmly, and enthusiastically showed his enormous and unlimited support for the invasion of Lebanon.

Biden's Strong Support for Israel

 In a 1992 speech, Biden expressed unwavering support for Israel, criticizing President George H.W. The efforts of Bush, who was talking about meeting Palestinian demands. Because Biden has a firm belief that progress in the Middle East can only be achieved when the Arab countries recognize that Israel and the United States are one and the same.

Influence of Golda Meir

 Golda Meir, a prominent figure in Israeli politics, who was Prime Minister of the entity in 1973, played a role in shaping Biden's political views. Biden adopted her views in supporting Israel unconditionally

Biden's Disregard for Palestinians

According to scholar Khalidi, Biden lacks understanding and empathy for the Palestinian side of the conflict. He believes that Biden's position remains unchanged, focusing solely on Israel's interests.

Biden's Undermining of Obama's Policy

As vice president, Biden's commitment to protecting Israel from pressure hindered Obama's attempts to revive peace talks. Biden even undermined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's efforts to hold Israel accountable for settlement expansion.

Netanyahu's Confidence in Biden

Thanks to Biden's support, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu learned not to fear Obama's push for Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu understood that Obama's words were stronger than his actions.

Biden's Consistent Stance

Even after the election of a right-wing government in Israel, Biden did not alter his approach. He continued to support Israel without standing against the extreme right-wing policies.

Biden's Response to the Hamas Attack

During the recent Hamas attack, instead of pushing for a ceasefire, the Biden administration provided weapons to Israel. This decision shocked the Arab world and raised concerns about Biden's stance.

Uncertain Future

While Biden's support for Israel remains strong, there is growing opposition within his own party. It is unclear how he will navigate international and domestic pressures in the face of the ongoing conflict.