Why Does President Biden Support Israel? Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 25, 2023 2493


The Reason Behind Biden's Support

Did you know that US President Joe Biden is a strong supporter of Israel? But have you ever wondered why? According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, there is a secret behind Biden's support.

Israel's Unique Position

Biden and his predecessor Barack Obama believed that Israel has a unique position in the Middle East. They thought that Israel has the ability to take unexpected military actions that could put the United States in a difficult situation. To prevent this nightmare scenario, Biden wants to have control over Israel.

Obama and the Iranian Nuclear Program

One of the main reasons behind Obama's support for Israel was the fear of the Iranian nuclear program. Obama wanted to reach an agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear capabilities so that the region would not fall into chaos.

Biden's Concerns

Biden is also concerned about the growing consensus in Israel that the country is at war with its enemies. He worries that Israel might use extreme measures to protect itself. This concern has increased due to the extreme figures in Netanyahu's ruling coalition.

Preventing Desperate Israeli Action

To prevent Israel from taking desperate actions, the Biden administration has taken several steps. They have sent military reinforcements to the region, issued warnings to Hezbollah and Iran, and provided strategic support to the Israeli army. They have also defended important Israeli sites, such as the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

Biden's Visit to Israel

In a dramatic move, Biden himself visited Israel and showed his support for the country. This was to dispel any idea that Israel was isolated and alone in its fight against multiple enemies.

Tight Controls on Israel

The Biden administration wants to have tight controls on Israel's conduct during the war. They are concerned that Israel might act irrationally. They have also sent high-ranking military and political officials to advise Israel on the progress of the fighting.

Concerns About Escalation

Biden is concerned that after dealing with Hamas in Gaza, Israel might turn its attention to Hezbollah or even confront Iran directly. This could lead to an uncontrollable explosion of violence. To prevent this, Washington is trying to defuse the situation by launching a diplomatic initiative towards the Lebanese government.

Sending a Message to Israel

Biden wants to send a message to Israel that his initial support does not mean they can do whatever they want. He wants to prevent a regional war and has pressured Israel not to respond to attacks from the Houthis in Yemen.

So, the secret behind Biden's support for Israel is to prevent any unpredictable actions and to maintain stability in the region. It's all about keeping everyone safe and avoiding a dangerous escalation of violence.

Source: Yedioth Ahronoth


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