Israeli Writer: We Need Lies to Believe We are Victorious Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 25, 2023 2577


The Power of Lies

In Israel, lies are everywhere. They have become a popular commodity, and anyone who tries to tell the truth is seen as a downer. But why is this the case?

The Army Spokesman's Role

An Israeli writer named Chaim Levinson recently pointed out that the main goal of the occupation army spokesman, Daniel Hagari, is to deceive us. He wants to make us believe that we are always victorious, even when it's not true.

A False Victory

Levinson recalled a specific incident in May 2021 when the Israeli army bombed the tunnels of Hamas in Gaza. At that time, a message was circulated on WhatsApp claiming to be from the commander of the Israeli Air Force. The message boasted about how successful the operation was, claiming that hundreds of fighters were killed and all the tunnels were destroyed.

The Love for Lies

The writer believes that the Israeli people love to be lied to. They want to believe that their army is unbeatable and that they have achieved deterrence. Politicians, reserve generals, and journalists all play a part in spreading these lies.

The Truth Revealed

However, the writer argues that we can not deceive ourselves for so long. The October 7 operation proved that our army is not as strong as we thought. We have a mediocre army with failed intelligence services, and we were brought to our knees by a resistance group.

The Cost of Lies

Believing in lies has its consequences. We may enjoy the fantasies of a powerful military and successful operations, but it's not sustainable. The truth will eventually come out, and we will have to face the reality of our weaknesses.

Rehabilitating Ourselves

The writer suggests that it's time for Israel to rehabilitate itself. We need to stop lying to ourselves and start facing the truth. We shouldn't focus on public relations campaigns and messages that only target ourselves. Instead, we should work on improving our army and intelligence services.

The Price of Lies

For the past 15 years, we have had a prime minister who is a master of lying. It's understandable that people want to believe in the greatness of our country, but we must also acknowledge our shortcomings. We can't rely on illusions forever.

The Need for Rehabilitation

Lies have a short lifespan, and eventually, we will have to face the consequences. It's time to stop selling illusions and start working towards real improvement.

Source: Haaretz