Resistance attempts to unchain the Ummah from Western Grip! Featured

By Nasser Hamdadouche December 25, 2023 2546



Many wonder about the secret behind this Western support for “Israel” without paying attention to the alignment between Jewish religious myths and the Christian Evangelical myths dominating the West, on top of which is the United States. The U.S. ties its foreign policies toward “Israel” to religious beliefs, linking the second coming of Christ to the establishment of the Jewish state, with Jerusalem as its united capital.

The U.S. Congress had already decided on October 24, 1995, that Jerusalem is the eternal and united capital of “Israel,” stating that it is the “spiritual homeland of Judaism.”

It has become clear that the shift in America's foreign policy support for “Israel,” from geopolitical dimensions to religious dimensions, is attributed to the influence of its Christian Evangelical lobby. This lobby believes in the Lord's promise to the Jews to return to the promised land for the second coming of Christ. This perspective led U.S. administrations to adopt religious concepts shared between this extreme Evangelical sect and Orthodox Jewish organizations, forming an illegitimate, ideologically distorted alliance known as “Christian Zionism.”

The Evangelical movement in America imparts a religious character to any support for “Israel,” hiding behind religious and philosophical explanations for this support. One of its prominent members, Christian pastor John Hagee, stated, “The Jews are the reason for the existence of Christianity, and Judaism does not need Christianity to explain its existence, while Christianity needs Judaism to explain its existence.” Hagee was appointed to inaugurate the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and proclaimed on the “AIPAC” platform, “The sleeping giant of Christian Zionism has awakened; there are 50 million Christians standing up and applauding the state of Israel.”

Christian Zionism (the Zio-American administration) has made significant progress in integrating the Zionist entity into the region. It shifted from the stage of an unlawful occupation to the desired stage of normalization through peace agreements and the “Abraham” Accords.

It has become clear that the real goal behind this is to liquidate the Palestinian cause and eliminate the dream of the liberation project once and for all. Continuing to advance in this maze poses an existential threat, practically moving towards forming a membership alliance in the region, led by the Zionist entity, against the resistance and liberation project for the nation from this foreign authority.

The strategic goals of the United States are in direct conflict with the will of the resistance for liberation, as the latter effectively threatens to end the Zio-American dominance in the region. This has intensified the fierceness of this existential conflict between the U.S. administration and the will of resistance.

The Battle of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” represented a historical turning point in this regional and international conflict. It provided a strong incentive to accelerate the restructuring of the new international system, ending unipolarity, coinciding with the aggressive direction of China and Russia in that regard.

Despite the efforts of Christian Zionism to end the Palestinian national liberation project by recognizing the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in exchange for adopting the peace option as a strategic choice to end the conflict, the height of betrayal and treachery was the “Oslo Accords” in 1993, which granted PLO sovereignty without authority and turned the Palestinian people into a people without land. Moreover, “the Palestinian Authority” became a Zionist tool, assassinating any attempt at resistance and liberation, imprisoning it under the Zionist umbrella.

At a time when the PLO was a committed and obedient student, fulfilling all its misguided commitments, the Zionist enemy was evading any international agreements or decisions. This made the option of liberation a legitimate choice in confronting this occupation. It revived the cause and proclaimed its justice to the world. The world shook when the resistance initiated the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” liberating the issue from being confined to humanitarian crises to liberation and national dimensions against this contemporary American pharaonic oppression.

The Battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood,” on October 7, 2023, was considered a thunderous earthquake in the face of the world, aimed at correcting the compass and returning the Palestinian cause to the top priorities of the world, as the most influential issue in these strategic transformations.

The West understood this profound message of the resistance to reviving the liberation project. It directed all its destructive Nazi machinery in desperate revenge attempts to push it back into being a humanitarian tragedy, erasing the bright image of the complete liberation project and removing this unprecedented strategic achievement from its context. They tried to dissociate this Nazi occupation from the rightful right to resist it. The project is not only for the liberation of Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa Mosque, but it is also for the liberation of the Arab and Islamic nations and all of humanity from this Western domination.

The West does not want to bear the ethical, legal, and political responsibility for the Jews worldwide, considering it a historical guilt for what they claim of the Nazi Holocaust, so some have attempted to compensate for it, getting rid of them as human waste by displacing them in Palestine. However, this West is startled by any resistance action that brings them back to square one by liberating Palestine.

Therefore, the demonic Zio-American policy in this war aims to shift the humanitarian burden and distract the world from the ethical, humanitarian, and political responsibilities of supporting the Palestinian people, but fails to address the liberation question or provide any fair and comprehensive political solution to the Palestinian cause based on liberation, independence, and full sovereignty for the Palestinian state. Instead, it represents a historic assassination operation and a blatant theft of the right of the Palestinian people to liberation.

They will continue to keep the Palestinian people in a state of perpetual need, but it does not rise to the level of a liberation project or aspire to the entitlement of a state, neither through armed resistance nor through the peaceful political path. This explains the bankruptcy of the settlement project and the dismantling of the Palestinian Authority's fundamental state structure. Instead, it has been transformed into an extremist security tool serving “Israel's” interests, acting as the spearhead in destroying any liberation project through recognition and security coordination with “Israel.”

One of the strategic outcomes of the Battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood” is the termination of the illusions of normalization, the cessation of the futile settlement projects, and the exposure of the shortcomings of political solutions to Palestinian, Arab, and global public opinion. Million-person protests erupted on all continents, chanting for the justice of the Palestinian cause and condemning these Nazi-like Zio-American policies that have surpassed all international laws, diplomatic norms, and human values.

This new Zionist-Nazi ideology does not aim, in its media and political discourse and in its fascist practices, to eliminate “Hamas” as an organization or carry out genocide against the Palestinian people as a popular incubator for the resistance. Instead, it is a terrifying deterrent terrorist machine aiming to extract the idea of resistance and jihad as a liberation project. This is what the Zio-American war administration declared as one of its goals: the existential eradication of “Hamas” once and for all.

We are now facing a new reality that will never turn its clock back—a triumph of the liberation resistance project, extending its influence to all arenas and uniting all fronts after exhausting all options. It is a historical milestone that undoubtedly marks a new phase, regardless of the developments and shifts. “Al-Aqsa Flood” will be the inevitable destiny for the Western dominance and the Zionist project causing its inevitable demise.

Superiority in the essence of resistance, an awareness of the historical identity of the nation, and a sense of this crucial moment—realizing that we are facing a rare opportunity to awaken this Islamic nation, a chance for the nation to return as a significant force in a multipolar world—all accomplish the renewed civilizational resurgence of Islam.


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Former Algerian parliamentarian.