Newsweek: Hamas Resilience Means Israel Defeat Featured

By Gamal Khattab March 17, 2024 154

Israeli Goals Unmet

An article in Newsweek revealed that Israeli efforts to reduce rocket attacks from Gaza have been somewhat successful, but they have not yet achieved their main objectives, causing complications for them.

Shift in Focus

The report mentioned that Hamas and its allies are now targeting Israeli forces within Gaza instead of launching rockets towards Israel.

Continued Attacks

Although the frequency of attacks has decreased, Israel still faces missile launches from Gaza and other threats.

Netanyahu's Challenges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has struggled to eliminate Hamas and rescue POWs, facing obstacles in achieving these goals.

Failed Attempts

Netanyahu has been unsuccessful in targeting Hamas leaders, including Yahya Sinwar, and members of their inner circle.

External Threats

Attacks on Israel also persist from Hezbollah in the north, with recent drone attacks on Israeli targets.

Time Not on Israel's Side

Pressure is mounting on Israel to limit its criminal actions, as Hamas benefits from prolonging the conflict, making it harder for Israel to achieve its objectives.

Source: Newsweek