Thomas Friedman: Netanyahu is the Worst Leader in Jewish History

By Gamal Khattab March 19, 2024 127

American journalist and writer Thomas Friedman stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will move down in statistics due to the fact the worst chief in Jewish records.

He stated in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, "I may be sincere, I anticipate that is the worst government that Israel has ever seen. I accept as real with that Netanyahu will pass down in records because the worst leader in Jewish history, and now not sincerely in Israeli history."

He delivered, "I will no longer permit this Israeli authorities to be waiters at my grandson's coming-of-age birthday celebration. They are truely incompetent," regarding the failure of the Netanyahu authorities to manipulate the struggle on Gaza.

 Friedman criticized the authorities’ refusal to make any sort of plan for the morning after the warfare.

He considered that if Israel entered right into a partnership with the Palestinian Authority to shape  states for 2 peoples, it could remedy 3 of its modern issues: changing the narrative, converting Gaza’s alternatives, and strengthening the nearby alliance with its Arab allies.

Friedman, a writer for the American newspaper The New York Times, defined the Israeli battle on Gaza because the actual World War II. He said, “When the Ukraine struggle broke out, I stated: This is truely World War I.” The warfare we call "World War I" became no longer an international struggle.

Friedman introduced, explaining that the Ukraine war changed into World War I due to the fact humans may additionally need to observe it on their smartphones, and they could precise their reviews about it, and the agricultural impact come to be on the spot, there has been an impact on food fees, and it become a real worldwide war.

He persisted, "I claim that Israel's warfare on Gaza is in truth World War II. Everyone inside the worldwide has an opinion about it, follows it, and is affected by it. It influences classrooms anywhere."

Two pieces of advice for Americans and Israelis

Friedman rejected that Israel's crimes in Gaza were genocide. "I find that bad, I assume it is incorrect. I do not think that is genocide. But I expect it's far a terrible battle in which a totally massive type of civilians had been killed, but I do now not assume it become intentional," he said.

He believed that the case of South Africa against Israel in the International Court of Justice is a clear indication that Israel launched a conflict with none shape of political vision or strategic plans for the destiny, therefore exposing itself to accusations that it's miles committing genocide.

 Friedman concluded the interview with  stark warnings: The first is for the Americans: Do no longer re-select (former US President Donald) Trump, and the second is for the Israelis: Vote to oust Netanyahu and his coalition authorities.

“I remember that if Netanyahu survives this conflict and Trump is re-elected, the arena that I need to go away to my new grandchildren will no longer exist,” Friedman stated.

The ongoing Israeli conflict on Gaza left tens of plenty of martyrs and wounded, most of them children and girls, huge destruction and an unheard of humanitarian disaster, which delivered approximately Israel appearing for the first time given that its installed order in 1948, before the International Court of Justice on expenses of committing “genocide.”

Source: Israeli press + Anadolu Agency