Hamas' Proposed Ceasefire Plan

By Gamal Khattab March 17, 2024 150

Hamas has proposed a ceasefire plan consisting of three stages, each lasting 42 days.

The first stage involves:

The withdrawal of occupation forces from Al-Rashid and Salah Al-Din Streets to allow for the return of displaced individuals and the passage of aid.

The release of all female prisoner soldiers in return for releasing female Palestinian prisoners.

50 Palestinian female prisoners for each female prisoner soldiers, including 30 serving life sentences.

The second phase

In the second phase, a permanent ceasefire is to be declared before any exchange of captured soldiers takes place.

The third stage

The third stage focuses on initiating the comprehensive reconstruction process for the Gaza Strip and ending the siege as the third phase begins.

The proposal is built upon four essential foundations for the agreement and exchange of prisoners, which include:

  • Halting aggression
  • Providing relief
  • Facilitating the return of displaced individuals
  • Withdrawal of occupations from the Gaza Strip.