23 Massacres, 316 Martyrs in Gaza in 24hrs, and Deadly Diseases in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 04, 2023 2238


In just 24 hours, there were 23 massacres and 316 people killed in Gaza? On top of that, there are dangerous diseases spreading in the area. 

Massacres and Martyrs

The government in Gaza has reported that the Israeli occupation army committed 23 massacres in just one day, resulting in the deaths of over 300 people. They also mentioned that there are still many more people trapped under the rubble from these attacks. The situation is getting worse, as Israel is using very powerful bombs that weigh 2,000 pounds each. This is causing a real humanitarian crisis for the people of Gaza.

Children at Risk

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has condemned the bombings and the harm caused to children in Gaza. They believe that this war against the children of Gaza must stop immediately.

Health Crisis

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has announced that since October 7, a total of 15,523 Palestinians have lost their lives. The number of infections has also risen to 41,316 during the same period. The health sector has been severely affected, with 281 health personnel losing their lives and many hospitals and health centers being destroyed or put out of service. This means that the wounded are not receiving the necessary medical attention, and their lives are at risk.

Call for Help

The Ministry of Health is urgently calling for a humanitarian corridor to be established. This would allow the flow of medical supplies, fuel, field hospitals, and medical teams into Gaza. It would also enable the safe evacuation of hundreds of wounded individuals.

Disease Outbreaks

There are also concerns about the spread of infectious diseases in Gaza. Reports suggest that intestinal and skin diseases have increased significantly. There are also cases of hepatitis and cholera being reported. This is a serious health risk for the people of Gaza.

Reduced Humanitarian Aid

Israel has reduced the amount of fuel allocated for humanitarian aid by half since the end of the temporary truce. This decision is putting more lives at risk, as it affects the delivery of essential supplies to the people of Gaza.

Water Supply at Risk

The Gaza Municipality has warned that the water supply in Gaza City could stop at any moment due to a shortage of fuel. This is a major concern, as access to clean water is crucial for the health and well-being of the population.

Gaza is facing a devastating situation with ongoing Israeli massacres, a health crisis, and the risk of disease outbreaks. Immediate action is needed to provide humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and ensure access to clean water. The international community must come together to support the people of Gaza against the Israeli aggression and put an end to this humanitarian catastrophe.

Source: Agencies

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