Tragic Loss: Israel Kills the President of the Islamic University in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 03, 2023 2228


A Devastating Bombing

Something terrible happened in Gaza. The president of the Islamic University, Sufyan Tayeh, and his family were killed in a bombing by Israel. This happened in a place called Al-Faluja, in the Jabalia camp in the northern part of Gaza.

A Respected Academic

President Tayeh was not only the president of the university, but also a well-known researcher in physics and applied mathematics. He had achieved a lot and won many awards during his academic career.

Mourning and Outrage

People in Palestine are very upset about this tragedy. They are sharing pictures and stories about President Tayeh's research and accomplishments. They are also denouncing the bombing and the Israeli occupation.

Escalation of Violence

This bombing happened after a temporary truce in Gaza. During this truce, prisoners were exchanged between Hamas and Israel, and humanitarian aid was allowed into Gaza. But now, the violence has started again.

Damage to the University

The Islamic University of Gaza had to stop teaching because of the bombing. Many of its buildings were badly damaged. The university is asking for help from international organizations to protect their institutions and ensure the students' right to education.

Source: Al Jazeera + Reuters + Social Media

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