Israel Turns Prisons into "Living Cemeteries" for Palestinians

By Gamal Khattab December 04, 2023 3492


Israeli Prisons: A Grim Reality

The Palestinian Authority for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs recently revealed that Israeli prisons have become like "living cemeteries" for Palestinians. Since the attack on October 7th, the situation for prisoners has worsened.

Escalation of Attacks

The authority stated that attacks on prisoners have been increasing since the start of the war on the Gaza Strip. The prison administration has also imposed a blackout to hide the crimes it is committing.

Isolation and Violence

Israel has cut off prisoners from the outside world by preventing visits from family and lawyers. The Palestine Liberation Organization reported that six prisoners have been killed since October 7th due to severe torture.

Daily Raids and Brutality

Prison departments are subjected to almost daily raids, during which soldiers assault prisoners with beatings using batons, guns, gas, and rubber bullets. The soldiers deliberately neglect the injuries of detainees and deny them proper treatment.

Punishments and Inhumane Conditions

Prisoners face various types of punishments, including extreme cold due to the lack of aluminum windows, shortage of blankets and food, and being forced to sleep on the floor. They are also not allowed to go outside for recess, and all their personal belongings have been taken away.

The Grim Statistics

According to official Palestinian data, Israel currently detains around 7,800 Palestinians in its prisons. The number of arrests has increased since the devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in over 15,000 deaths, 40,000 injuries, and widespread destruction.

Source: Anadolu Agency