Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Cities and Towns in the West Bank Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 12, 2023 5451

The Israeli occupation forces have recently stormed several areas in cities in the West Bank, including the Jenin camp. They have imposed a cordon on the camp and the government hospital in the area. The occupation forces have also damaged infrastructure and besieged hospitals in the city of Jenin. They have deployed heavily in various streets of the city as well.

Confrontations and Settler Invasions

Confrontations between Palestinians and the occupation forces have broken out in Al-Fandakumiya, south of Jenin. Additionally, groups of settlers have invaded the village of Nabaa Al-Qaryut, south of the Nablus Governorate. The Israeli occupation forces have also stormed the village of Deir Al-Hatab, east of Nablus, the Sataf Marhaba neighborhood in Al-Bireh, and the town of Taffuh in the Hebron Governorate.

Arrests and Administrative Detention

The occupation forces have arrested 30 Palestinians, including two women and former prisoners, in various parts of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. The number of prisoners since October last year has now reached more than 3,760. An Israeli court in Jerusalem has also imposed a 4-month administrative detention sentence on Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, Deputy Director General of the Islamic Endowments in occupied Jerusalem.

The Execution of Rami Al-Aboushi

Pictures obtained by Al Jazeera show the moment the Israeli occupation forces executed Rami Al-Aboushi in the Al-Faraa camp in Tubas. The pictures reveal that the occupation forces shot Al-Aboushi multiple times, causing him to fall to the ground wounded. They then opened fire on him again, leading to his immediate death.

International Condemnation and Calls for Action

Hamas has condemned the execution of Rami Al-Aboushi, calling it a cold-blooded "sadistic execution." They argue that it is part of a systematic policy followed by the occupation government. The international community and international judicial institutions are being urged to take action and hold Israel accountable for these crimes.

Comprehensive Strike and Demonstrations

A comprehensive strike was organized in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem to protest the ongoing Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip. The strike included the closure of shops, schools, government offices, transportation, banks, and even bakeries. Palestinians also demonstrated in downtown Ramallah to show solidarity with Gaza and demand an end to the war and the massacres carried out by the Israeli occupation forces.

Sources: Al Jazeera, Reuters