Day 221 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza


 The Israeli barbaric war of genocide against Gaza has entered its 221th day, amid the Zionist occupation forces continuing to commit a genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, by launching dozens of air strikes, artillery shelling, and bloody massacres against civilians.

8 Massacres and 82 Martyrs

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the occupation committed 8 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, including 82 martyrs and 234 injuries during the past 24 hours.

In its daily update, the Ministry confirmed that the toll of the aggression had risen to 35,173 martyrs and 79,061 injuries since the seventh of last October.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Press Agency (Safa) reported that civil defense teams in Gaza recovered, at dawn on Tuesday, at least 23 martyrs and dozens of injuries, most of them women and children, as a result of the occupation’s bombing of a residential building in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Civil Defense estimates indicate that there are at least about 100 people in the three-story building that was housing displaced people in the camp.

Kerem Shalom Crossings Still Closed

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that the occupation forces continue to close the Rafah border crossings and the Karam Abu Salem commercial crossings in the southern Gaza Strip, and prevent the entry of humanitarian and medical aid amid warnings of an unprecedented disaster.

 450,000 Displaced from Rafah

The number of displaced people from Rafah has increased to 450,000 people since the evacuation order was issued on May 6, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

UNRWA said in a statement on Tuesday: Citizens face constant exhaustion, hunger, and fear, and the streets of Rafah are empty, while families continue to flee in search of safety.

33 Hospitals out of Service

The head of the government media office in Gaza, Salama Marouf, confirmed that the occupation destroyed more than 75% of citizens’ homes in the Strip.

He explained to Al Jazeera that the European Hospital will stop working completely today due to the lack of fuel, noting that the occupation aggression has put 33 of the Strip’s hospitals completely out of service.

The Palestinian resistance continues to confront the Zionist forces invading several areas of Gaza, as it announced, today, Tuesday, several qualitative operations, most notably:

 Al-Qassam Brigades

- Targeting a Zionist troop carrier and tank with two “Shawaz” explosive devices in the Al-Salam neighborhood area, east of Rafah.

- Destroying the enemy forces present inside the Rafah land crossing with mortar shells.

 In the Al Salam area located to the east of Rafah city, a military vehicle belonging to the occupation forces was destroyed by an "Al Yassin 105" missile resulting in casualties, among its crew.

- Targeting a Zionist “Merkvah” tank with an “Al-Yassin 105” shell in the vicinity of the Rafah land crossing.

- Bombing “Ashkelon” with a missile barrage in response to the Zionist massacres against civilians.

- Exploding a house that was previously booby-trapped in a special Zionist force, leaving its members dead and wounded on “George” Street, east of the city of Rafah.

- A “Merkvah” tank was targeted with an “Al-Yassin 105” shell behind the Al-Tabaeen Mosque, east of Rafah.

Two “Merkvah” tanks were targeted with two “Al-Yassin 105” shells on Abu Al-Eish Street in Jabalia camp.

- A “D9” military bulldozer was targeted with an “Al-Yassin 105” shell in the Abu Zeitoun area of Jabalia camp.

- Exploding a tunnel eye that had been booby-trapped in advance by Zionist engineering forces, leaving its members dead and wounded near the Al-Quds station, east of the city of Rafah.

 Al-Quds Brigades

- A missile attack towards south Ashkelon in response to the crimes of the Zionist enemy.

- Luring a large, private force into a complex and complex ambush on Gold Souq Street and finishing it off from point zero.

- Detonation of a lightning device in a D9 bulldozer in the Abu Zeitoun area in Jabalia camp.

- Bombardment with heavy-caliber mortar shells on military concentrations and infiltrating vehicles of the Zionist enemy in the vicinity of the Rafah crossing.

A Zionist soldier holed up in one of the buildings behind the Abu Zeitoun schools in the Jabalia camp.

- A barrage of 60-caliber regular mortar shells bombarded advanced enemy soldiers and vehicles around the eastern cemetery in the Al-Salam neighborhood, east of Rafah.

- A barrage of regular “60-caliber” mortar shells bombarded a foot force along Abu Al-Aish Street, leaving one dead and wounded.

- A missile attack towards “Sderot” in response to the crimes of the Zionist enemy.

- Bombarding the locations of the Zionist enemy’s vehicles and soldiers east of Jabalia with regular 60 caliber mortar shells.

- Shelling with heavy caliber mortar shells a gathering of Zionist enemy soldiers and vehicles in the “Netzarim” axis, causing direct hits.

- Engaged in fierce clashes with machine guns and “tandom” shells with a special Zionist unit barricaded inside a residential apartment east of Jabalia, leaving them dead and wounded.

- Targeting, with lightning-type anti-personnel bombs, a Zionist force holed up inside a residential apartment on Abu Al-Eish Street in Jabalia Camp.

- A barrage of 60-caliber regular mortar shells bombarded a concentration of vehicles in Block 2 of Jabalia Camp.

Occupation Losses

The occupation army announced today, Tuesday, that 22 soldiers were injured during the past 24 hours, including 15 in ground battles in the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the number of wounded soldiers since the beginning of the war on the Gaza Strip on October 7 has increased to 3,456.

Army data indicate that 270 soldiers are still receiving treatment in hospitals, including 33 in serious condition, 178 in moderate condition, and 59 in minor condition.

620 officers and soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the war on Gaza on October 7, including 272 in ground battles in the Strip.


The AFP stated that discussions regarding South Africa’s appeal, for actions against "Israel" to retreat its troops from Rafah in the Gaza Strip are scheduled for Thursday and Friday at the International Court of Justice the top court, in the UN.