Top 10 Zionist Massacres During The Palestinian Nakba ("Catastrophe")

By Saif Bakir May 15, 2024 4030

Allah (SWT) informed us that the Jews are the most hostile towards the Muslim believers, as He said: “You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah.” (Al-Ma'idah: 82) He also described them as killers of prophets and messengers; peace be upon them. “They have been put under humiliation [by Allah] wherever they are overtaken, except for a covenant from Allah and a rope from the Muslims. And they have drawn upon themselves anger from Allah and have been put under destitution. That is because they disbelieved in the verses of Allah and killed the prophets without right. That is because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed.” (Aal-Imran: 112)

What is happening in occupied Palestine is a disgrace to all of humanity. For over a century, Zionist Jews have committed hundreds of massacres against the Palestinian people, reaching their peak during the Nakba in 1948.

Palestinian researcher Salman Abu Sitta documented the destruction of 531 Palestinian villages and the displacement of their inhabitants, along with more than 200 war crimes and 34 massacres committed against civilians or prisoners during 1947 and 1948.

Here is a summary of the most prominent Zionist massacres against the Palestinian people during the Nakba in 1948:


              1- The “Deir Yassin” Massacre

One of the worst massacres committed by Zionist gangs in 1948 became a symbol of the “victim” of the first Nakba.


On Friday morning, April 9, 120 Zionists from the “Stern” and “Irgun” gangs launched their attack on the village, roaming the streets in triumph and killing around 254 innocent women, children, and elderly. They then mutilated the victims’ bodies and dumped them into the village well.

Sources indicate that among the victims were 25 pregnant women whose bellies were cut open while they were still alive by spearheads and 52 children whose limbs were severed in front of their mothers, along with 60 other women and girls.

Menachem Begin, one of the key founders of the entity, recounts the massacre, stating that the Arabs defended their homes, women, and children vigorously. The fighting moved from house to house, and whenever the Jews occupied a house, they blew it up with everyone inside using powerful TNT explosives brought for this purpose.


              2- The “Qalunya” Massacre

On April 12, 1948, the terrorist “Palmach” gang attacked the village of Qalunya near Jerusalem, destroying homes and causing the deaths of at least 14 civilians.


             3- The “Nasir al-Din” Village Massacre

On April 14, 1948, the “Stern” and “Irgun” militia gangs, disguised in Arab attire, attacked the village of Nasir al-Din south of Tiberias. They opened fire on the inhabitants, resulting in the martyrdom of 50 people out of the village's population of 90.


              4- The “Haifa” Massacre

On April 22, 1948, Zionist forces attacked the city of Haifa, coming from Hadar HaCarmel (the Jewish neighborhood in the Carmel Mountain). They occupied homes, streets, and public buildings, killing 50 people and injuring 200 others.

The city residents were surprised, so they brought out their women and children to the port area to transport them to the city of Acre (Akko). While they were fleeing, they were attacked by Zionist frontline positions. 100 civilians were martyred, and 200 others were wounded.


             5- The “Abu Shusha” Massacre

On May 14, 1948, “Haganah” gangs besieged the village of Abu Shusha in Haifa, launching mortar shells and indiscriminately killing the village men. This resulted in the deaths of 60 people on the eve of the declaration of the occupation state.


              6- The “Beit Daras” Massacre

On May 21, 1948, Zionist forces from the “Givati” Brigade attacked the village of Beit Daras, located northeast of Gaza, after besieging it from all directions. They indiscriminately and intensively shelled the village, resulting in the death of 260 people, including women, children, and elderly.


               7- The “Tantura” Massacre

On the night of May 22–23, 1948, a battalion from the “Alexandroni” Brigade, affiliated with the “Haganah,” attacked the village of Al-Tantura and committed a massacre against its unarmed inhabitants.

This massacre remained hidden until the year 2000, when a student at the University of Haifa, Ted Katz, submitted his master's thesis confirming the occurrence of the massacre, which claimed the lives of about 200 people.

Fawzi Tangi, one of the survivors of the massacre, recounted to “” how the occupation soldiers slaughtered members of his family and friends before his eyes.

 Tangi says, “The army separated the men who were forced to kneel and the women, children, and elderly. One of the soldiers tried to assault a girl from the al-Jabi family, so her father stood up to rescue her, so they stabbed him to death with bayonets, while the soldiers continued to search the women and steal their jewelry.”


              8- The “Ramle” Massacre

One of the largest acts of deportation and mass killing occurred in June 1948, when the Zionists gave the residents of Ramle the choice between displacement or imprisonment, a deception through which they killed many inhabitants. After this massacre, only about 25 families remained in the city, and the martyrs' bodies were dumped on the public road.


              9- The “Lydda” (Lod) Massacre

On July 11, 1948, Zionist soldiers, led by Moshe Dayan, committed a massacre against the residents of the city of Lydda, resulting in the deaths of around 426 people. This included the storming of Dahmash Mosque, where they promised safety to those who entered but killed approximately 176 citizens inside.

The Zionists forced the residents of Lydda and Ramle (60–70 thousand people) to leave, stripped them of their belongings, and nearly 350 Palestinians died on the way due to extreme heat and thirst. Additionally, the gangs looted the city and transported 1800 trucks loaded with stolen goods.


              10- The “Al-Dawayima” Village Massacre

One of the major Zionist massacres occurred on October 29, 1948, claiming the lives of over 500 people, including 300 residents of the village near Hebron.

The massacre occurred in several waves, with the most notable being the incident at the mosque known as “Al-Zawya,” where Zionist soldiers killed around 50 elders who were inside the mosque. Children were also killed during the massacre, their skulls smashed with sticks. One soldier even bragged about raping and killing a woman.




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