West Bank Universities Embrace Gaza Students for Distance Learning Featured

By Mohammed Salim May 14, 2024 4025


In a scene highlighting the spirit of national belonging to preserve the university students’ educational journey. after the Zionists destroyed most of the universities and scientific colleges in their continuous aggression on the Gaza Strip, where schools have been suspended since the start of the aggression on the sector on October 7th last year. Most universities in the West Bank, in cooperation with Arab and foreign universities, launched a campaign to accommodate university students in Gaza to study scientific courses, to save their stalled university journey for the past 7 months. This means that a quarter of a million university students have stopped studying.

Accommodating Thousands of Students

In a national campaign to rescue higher education in the Gaza Strip, An-Najah National University in the city of Nablus, West Bank, announced the commencement of teaching 3000 students from the Gaza Strip as part of the first phase of the initiative to empower Gaza students to continue their university education online as visiting students.

250 Academics are Participating

The university, in a statement received by 'Al-Mujtama', emphasized that the second phase of the initiative and the acceptance of a new batch of Gaza students will be announced soon, noting that 250 academics from 20 universities around the world are participating in the campaign to empower Gaza students to continue their university education. It also mentioned that students have so far been able to register for 190 courses in various university majors.

Gazan students joining distance education at universities in the West Bank and abroad come amid harsh conditions faced by 80% of the population of the Gaza Strip due to displacement from their homes bombed by the Zionist occupation. Therefore, most of the students who have joined this education defy the circumstances, as they lack access to the internet, electricity, and housing. Nevertheless, they are determined to complete their university education.

Free University Education

In a related context, Al-Quds University joined the campaign and called on Gaza university students to study at Al-Quds University for free.

In a statement received by 'Al-Mujtama', it said: 'With high national responsibility, ethics, and support for the steadfastness of our people in Gaza, and in appreciation of the perseverance and passion of our dear students in the beloved Strip's universities, Al-Quds University welcomes Gaza university students to study selected courses as visiting students through its online platform in fields of study prepared for our dear students in Gaza's universities, with full exemption from tuition fees.'

Palestinian data and statistics indicate that the occupation destroyed, blew up, and burned down most of the universities and colleges in the Gaza Strip, including, the Islamic University, Al-Azhar University, Al-Aqsa University, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine University, and Al-Isra University, in addition to bombing about 400 colleges and schools at various levels.


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