Prominent Updates on the 137th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 21, 2024 2052

Field Situation in Gaza

 On the 137th day of the open Gaza war, Palestinian resistance rid the occupation army of its offspring. Israel has officially confirmed that 46 soldiers sustained injuries on the previous day of the ongoing war which has begun on October 7. These war injuries have brought the total number of wounded to more than 3,000 wounded soldiers as of today.

Clashes and Casualties

The armed branch of the al-Qassam Brigades of the Hamas fought with the Israeli soldiers which resulted in one of their soldier's death and two tanks destruction. Furthermore, Israel completed extra 9 airstrikes, with as the result of it, 103 Palestinians killed, the total number of casualties was 29,195.

The West Bank

In the West Bank, Israeli commando units were engaged in hostility with local fighters in Jenin and the losses occurred. The forces with an occupation element also engaged in conflicts in some other regions which resulted to arrests and injuries among Palestinians.

Famine in Gaza

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza is deteriorating day-by-day and is getting closer to the phase of hunger. Israel's non-allowance of food and supplies into the Strip has caused a very devastating nutritional crisis, mainly children who suffer from it. The UN World Food Program has suspended its food aid distribution to the north of Gaza for the time being due to security concerns.

American Veto

The US has been the cause for the defeat of a resolution passed by Algeria in the UN security Council which was seeking an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza strip. The action provoked the condemnation by Hamas that Israel further proceeds the attacks.

Court of Justice Proceedings

The International Court of Justice is holding hearings in order to establish whether Israel’s occupation is legal in Palestine. South Africa urges the court to adopt the occupation as illegal so that one could go for the settlement of the matter in a fair manner.

Aftershocks of War

Internal disagreements on the issue of swapping the prisoners out of Gaza have arisen within the structure of Israeli government. Netanyahu aims to seem tough and complete all objectives , but some may argue that the goals should be destruction of Hamas or the return of prisoners.

Hamas Delegation in Cairo

The head of Hamas's political bureau arrived in Cairo with a delegation to discuss the situation in Gaza with Egyptian officials. Hamas is pushing for a complete end to the aggression in Gaza without compromising the sacrifices made by the Palestinian people.

Lebanese Front

Hezbollah has targeted Israeli soldiers near the Ramim barracks and launched missiles towards Israeli territories from southern Lebanon. In response, Israel has carried out airstrikes and artillery bombardments in southern Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister's Statement

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that Israel has targeted sites in Damascus, Beirut, Sidon, and Nabatieh, challenging the equations set by Hezbollah.

Red Sea Confrontations

 The Houthi group in Yemen targeted an Israeli cargo ship and sensitive sites in Eilat, Israel. They also said that they have shot down an American drone in western Yemen. Meanwhile, French army frigates destroyed two drones in the Red Sea.

Sources: Al Jazeera + agencies