Prominent Updates on the 138th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 22, 2024 2078

The Latest Updates on the 138th day battle of the War on Gaza

Humanitarian Crisis

It is worse on the 138th day of the war that takes place in Gaza. USUN has issued an alert that 500,000 people in Gaza are close to famine. We have got a very dirty business.

On the Ground

There have been fierce battles in Gaza's city, as the Al-Qassam Brigades said they have killed some Israeli soldiers in Khan Younis. The militants have, with equal intensity, been, targeting the West bank and conducting military operations there.

Imminent Famine

People in northern Gaza were forced to consume animal feeding for several weeks due to lack of food. This is the time bomb that is ever ready to explode, and hundreds of thousands of lives might be lost if the help does not come on time.

International Aid Needed

The UN World Food Program has raised the alarm as the situation with food and security in Gaza is worsening. They are calling for a truce in order to get the basic needs of the most vulnerable delivered.

Griffiths' Warning

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs is currently calling for help. He says that due to an interruption of delivery of essential supplies such as food, water, and medical supplies by the UN, roughly half a million people in Gaza are at risk of starvation and inadequate supply of other necessary things.

Appeal to the "Group of 20"

The point made by Griffiths is that they can raise their voices to leaders on the world stage and ask them to stop this war and save the innocent people of Gaza. He stated that all these neighborhoods have been destroyed and so many people have been suffering without food, water, and other basic human needs.

Resistance Operations

The Palestinian resistance is combating back to the Israeli occupation army in the town Gaza City. There has been fighting that was ferocious, and both sides have lost men.

The youth in the West Bank.

Sadly, there were cases of Palestinians being murdered by the Israeli forces in the West Bank. Violence is spilling over from Gaza now.

Calls for a Ceasefire.

World leaders are demanding an armistice in Gaza to help humanitarian aid reach those who are suffering. It is needed to stop the warring to protect people alive.

The Red Sea

There are some distant air bombardments experienced in Yemen directed to certain areas particularly in response to assaults on Israeli ships. A turning point is reached, and the situation is moving towards a crisis.