Prominent Updates on the 136th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured


  Israeli Aggression Continues

On the 136th day of the Israeli war on Gaza, the aggression against the Gaza Strip is ongoing, leading to more humanitarian crises. At the same time, the International Court of Justice has started hearings on the legal consequences of the occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967.

Palestinian Hospitals Struggle

The Palestine Red Crescent Society reported that the water desalination plant at Al Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis was damaged by Israeli forces, leaving the hospital with only 3 days' worth of drinking water. Hospitals in northern Gaza are also without electricity due to the occupation preventing fuel delivery.

Diplomatic Tensions

Brazil's President withdrew the country's ambassador from Israel after accusing Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza. In response, Israel summoned the Brazilian ambassador for a reprimand.

Field Updates

The Al-Qassam Brigades targeted an Israeli force in Khan Yunis, while the Al-Quds Brigades bombed Israeli soldiers in the Netzarim area. The Israeli government continues efforts to release prisoners in Gaza, claiming Hamas uses hospitals for military purposes.

Settler Attacks

Israeli forces arrested 25 citizens in the West Bank, and settlers attacked homes and vehicles in Burqa. Palestinians in Ramallah threw stones at occupation vehicles, leading to clashes.

Israel Faces International Justice

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu criticized the International Court of Justice's hearings on the legal consequences of the occupation. The court sessions will continue with the participation of 52 countries and international organizations.

Targeting Lebanon

Israeli forces targeted Hezbollah weapons depots in Ghaziyeh, Lebanon, in response to a drone attack. Hezbollah retaliated by targeting Israeli sites in Lebanon. The European Union launched a defensive mission in the Red Sea to protect ships from Houthi attacks.