Palestine Piggy Bank Featured

By Mona Abdel-Fattah December 24, 2023 2562


The reality of the Palestinian cause and the brutal genocide and war crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip necessitate an Arab and Islamic uprising that is strong, effective, and sustainable in support of Palestine. This uprising should include containing the repercussions of this heinous aggression and formulating a future vision for the rise of Palestinian society.

While financial donations play a significant role in this crisis, especially in other nations role in supporting their Palestinian brethren, it is a mistake to consider this merely a temporary behavior that surfaces and diminishes during certain moments and may fade away after the end of the war.

It is also a mistake to confine financial support to providing only food, medical, and pharmaceutical aid, which are undoubtedly crucial forms of assistance. However, they do not fully address what is most important and deserving in a war fought by resilient Gaza on behalf of the entire Ummah to reclaim the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

There is a need to develop mechanisms, create new support tools, and innovate qualitative methods to enhance the capabilities and resilience of the Palestinian resistance on the ground. It's about supporting every child, woman, and elder to stay vigilant in protecting the frontlines and carrying the banner of struggle and jihad against the murderers of prophets and the enemies of Islam.

“Palestinian Piggy Bank” could potentially be an effective tool, provided its sustainability and activation in every household, school, association, and institution. It might be developed in the future to take on an Arab and Islamic dimension, similar to UNRWA for Palestinian refugees and other international institutions engaged in humanitarian and relief support.

A sustainable fund can contribute to the infrastructure in the occupied Palestinian territories, relieve resistance fighters from the burdens of poverty, illness, and need, and extend to uplifting education, agriculture, industry, and trade there, guided by experts and specialists.

Why not allocate a portion of the revenues from this fund to document the history of Palestine in all languages of the world and produce millions of historical Palestinian maps that have been distorted in educational curricula in several countries, including Arab and Islamic nations?!

Why not produce a bounty of dramatic and cinematic works documenting Jewish crimes and recounting the atrocities in Gaza, in addition to creating documentaries and movies exhibiting the heroics of the resistance and illustrating how it transitioned from stones to rockets, inflicting severe losses on the occupier?!

Aren't we in need of literary and narrative productions that chronicle the bloody events witnessed by the world, recording the history of Gaza and the resilience of its people in the face of hospital and infant massacres, residential tower bombings, and the assassination of innocent children, women, and elders?!

When will we send Palestinian missions abroad to present the Palestinian cause, garner public support, and direct international public opinion towards the rightful aspirations of these people for their homeland, sacred sites, and dreams of freedom and independence?

Why not support the Palestinian inventor, merchant, athlete, doctor, artist, and every professional in this sacred land to take a prominent place in their field and specialization, contributing to the overall cause and creating generations capable not only of resilience but also of progress, success, and achievement?!

Where is the share of Palestinian women from this support, safeguarding their rights, preserving their dignity, liberating them from the prisons of occupation, caring for their education and marriage, and developing their abilities? They are the factory of heroes, making up half of society and giving birth to the other half.

A popular Arab and Islamic fund supporting the resistance, evolving its discourse, tools, and capabilities to enhance its political, media, and field roles, contributing to the greater goal sought by every Muslim: the liberation of Jerusalem.

A generous and sustainable fund that takes care of the Palestinian cause from different dimensions: political, economic, social, educational, artistic, cultural, and sports, ensuring a continuous driving force and motivating factors for perseverance and struggle for years and decades.

It's not just the battle of Gaza or the West Bank, nor just the battle of “Hamas” or “Jihadists.” It's not a battle for a day or a month; it's a battle for every Arab, every Muslim, every free person, and every human being, defending the values of freedom, dignity, and humanity.

It's the battle of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which may last for years or decades, and it is our duty to prepare for it, equip ourselves, and gather the resources to achieve victory.