Jews: Beginning and End: Understanding Jewish Psychology (1) Featured

By Sheikh Khaled Al-Abdullah December 24, 2023 2703


The strife between right and wrong and between the forces of good and evil is an ancient struggle deeply rooted in history. It continues and extends until the Day of Judgment, following the divine laws in what is known as the “Sunnah of At-Tadafu” (contestation).

Ibn Khaldun stated: “Know that wars and various forms of fighting have been a reality in creation since Allah created it.” He further explained, “It is a natural occurrence among humans that no nation or generation can escape.” (1)

For those who dream that the conflict will completely end in the world, they live in a fantasy. There is no truth to it, except, of course, right before the Day of Judgment, during the time of Jesus, peace be upon him.


Jewish Personality

Throughout history, Jews have been a dark force in the global conflict, representing evil wherever they are found. The secret behind this lies in their complex and malevolent nature.

According to Dr. Salah Al-Khaldi, the observer of Quranic analysis revealing the Jewish psyche realizes that they possess a distinct, intricate composition. The clearest description of it is one of distortion and complexity.

He stated, “The Jewish psyche is complicated, intertwined with deception, malice, hatred, envy, blame, cunning, conspiracy, selfishness, arrogance, defamation, lies, pretense, manipulation, and deceit. It's as if they mixed this sickening combination to produce this bitter result.” (2)


Sufficient is Allah as Witness!

The Jewish psyche, as attested by its Creator, is infused with these negative traits, uniting all vices and embodying every form of depravity. It sees itself as superior to humanity, believing that God created humans to serve it. This chronic illness is known in psychology as “paranoia,” and Freud even stated that Jews suffer from this disease of megalomania.

Their Torah, in its distorted form, contains passages that incite such beliefs: “For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession.” (3) (Deuteronomy 14:2)

This is a false claim contradicting the words of Allah: “Rather, you are human beings from among those He has created.” (Al-Ma’idah: 18) They have their share of humanity and their obligations like everyone else, but the delusion they were raised upon has grown into an epidemic.

Megalomania is the most dangerous affliction to the soul and the most malicious disease. It makes them believe they are closer to divinity than humanity. Consequently, they reject beneficial interactions based on equality with others. Instead, they excel at inflicting harm, responding to kindness with malice, harm, and sabotage.


None Informs You Like an ExpertTop of Form

Dr. Khader Abbas, a professor of psychology at Kuwait University, states: “The Zionist Jewish personality is psychologically ill, harboring various diseases such as parasitic disorders and paranoia (megalomania). Behavioral disorders in the Jewish personality are evident, including aggression, introversion, self-centeredness, pessimism, cautious skepticism towards others, suspicion, emotional apathy, a lack of social and moral sensitivity, autism, immersion in materialism, and an eagerness to cling to life.” (4)

Serious diseases and despicable traits have produced an astonishing personality worthy of deep contemplation. The observer of the nature of this Jewish personality is shocked and astounded by its characteristics that lean towards evil. It seems as if they were created only for corruption on earth—the destruction of crops and offspring. It is difficult for a rational person to believe that humans can have such a nature unless revelation has disclosed this about them, history has exposed them, and those who interact with them have verified it, as will become clearer in subsequent articles, in Allah’s will.


If Only My People Knew

I wish our sympathizing brothers with the Jews knew. I wish our deceived and those who normalize with them knew. I wish our politicians, leaders, and those who sit at the negotiating table with the Jews knew. They should understand the nature and character of those they negotiate and make agreements with as well as the reality of those they befriend. If Muslim diplomats engaged in negotiations with them while believing that these are their qualities and these are their ethics, this would not be the state of our nation, our sanctities, and our beloved Jerusalem. You will remember what I say, and I entrust my affairs to Allah. Indeed, Allah is Seeing of [His] servants, and He is sufficient for us, and He is the best Disposer of affairs!


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