Israel Targets Palestinian Academics and Elites: IDF Assassinates Rifaat Al-Arair Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 10, 2023 3774



Last week, a tragic event occurred that shook the Palestinian academic community. Rifaat Al-Arair, a professor of English literature and a well-known poet, was assassinated by the Israeli occupation army. This act of violence came after weeks of persecution and threats directed towards him. It is not the first time that Israel has targeted Palestinian academics and elites, and the circumstances surrounding Rifaat's assassination make it clear that he was deliberately targeted.

Details of the Assassination

Rifaat Al-Arair was killed in an air strike that specifically targeted the residential apartment where he was staying. The apartment, located on the second floor of a building, belonged to his sister. Tragically, along with Rifaat, Israel killed his brother, sister, and their children. This was not the first time Rifaat had been displaced from his home due to the Israeli war on Gaza. He had recently moved to a shelter center with his wife and children, but a threatening phone call prompted him to seek refuge in his sister's apartment.

Why Was Rifaat Assassinated?

Rifaat Al-Arair was an inspiration to many. As a professor of English literature, he understood the power of language in conveying the Palestinian story to the world. He founded the "We Are Not Numbers" project, which aimed to share realistic stories about Palestinian life in English. Rifaat's courage and dedication to the Palestinian cause made him a target for Israeli forces. He fearlessly spoke out about the Palestinian struggle and resistance, refusing to sugarcoat the truth. Despite facing multiple account closures on social media platforms, Rifaat continued to guide and teach young people how to express their issues.

The Loss of a Benevolent Man

Rifaat Al-Arair was not only a talented academic but also a kind-hearted individual. Just days before his assassination, he visited his office and personally provided financial support to the building guard and an employee. He went above and beyond his responsibilities, even amidst the ongoing conflict. His dedication to helping others and his commitment to the truth will be remembered by all who knew him.

Call for Justice

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory has called for an immediate investigation into Rifaat Al-Arair's assassination. They demand that Israel be held accountable for targeting and killing a prominent Palestinian academic, writer, poet, and activist. This tragic event is part of a larger pattern of deliberate attacks on Palestinian elites, which must be addressed.

Source: Al Jazeera

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