Israeli Journalist: We Should Have Killed 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza in the 1st Strike Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 21, 2023 3574


  An Israeli journalist named Zvika Yehezkelly recently made some shocking comments about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Let's dive in and learn more!

The Brutal Statement

In a video clip that's been circulating, Yehezkelly said that the Israeli army should have killed 100,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during the first strike of the war on October 7. This statement has caused a lot of uproar and debate.

Who is Zvika Yehezkelly?

Zvika Yehezkelly is an Arab affairs analyst who works for the Israeli Channel 13. He is known for his strong opinions and controversial statements.

The Shocking Conversation

During an interview, someone asked Yehezkelly if he really wanted to kill 100,000 Palestinians. His response was shocking. He said, "They killed 1,400 people for us. We had to deliver a severe blow to Gaza, like the Battle of Cast Lead." This refers to a previous war in 2008 when the Israeli military launched attacks on different sites in the Gaza Strip.

Debate and Criticism

Another journalist questioned Yehezkelly about his desire to kill such a large number of people. Yehezkelly responded by saying, "I believe in this, not you." This has sparked a lot of debate and criticism from people who believe in peaceful solutions and the value of human life.

The Ongoing Conflict

It's important to note that these comments come at a time when the Israeli army has been aggressive towards Gaza. They have been bombing the area for 75 days, causing a high number of casualties. According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, there have been 19,667 deaths and 52,586 injuries so far.

Source: Anadolu Agency