Israel Accused of Committing Genocide in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab December 06, 2023 2338

Human Rights

At the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, many countries accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza. They said that Israel's army bombed and attacked Gaza, causing a lot of damage and hurting a lot of people. The Palestinian representative to the United Nations, Dima Asfour, even called it a "model case of genocide."

Warning Signs of Genocide

Asfour said that there were warning signs of genocide happening in Gaza. She said that Israel was dropping a lot of bombs and causing a huge amount of destruction. She also talked about how Palestinians were being silenced online through things like misinformation and censorship. Asfour asked technology companies and social platforms to protect their users from harm.

Other Accusations

Representatives from Iran and other Islamic countries also accused Israel of committing genocide. They said that Israel was doing really terrible things to the Palestinians. They even compared it to the Holocaust, which was a really dark time in history.

The Situation in Gaza

Since October 7th, Israel has been fighting a war in Gaza. It has caused a lot of damage and hurt many people. According to official sources, thousands of Palestinians have been killed or injured, and there has been a lot of destruction. It's a really sad situation.

Source: Agencies

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