Using Article 99 For The First Time Guterres Warns of Dangers in Gaza War Featured


Human Rights

 The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, recently sent a message to the Security Council about the war happening in Gaza. He wants to warn the world about the dangers of this war and how it could affect everyone.

What Guterres Said

Guterres used a special rule called Article 99 to send this message. It's a rule that lets him tell the Security Council about anything that could be a threat to peace and security around the world. This is the first time he has used this rule since he became Secretary-General in 2017.

In his message, Guterres said that the war in Gaza could make things even worse for peace and security. He also said that the situation in Gaza is getting really bad and could collapse completely. This means that everything could fall apart and it would be really hard to help the people there.

The Dangers in Gaza

Guterres explained that the Israeli forces are bombing Gaza a lot, and the people there don't have enough shelters or basic things they need to survive. He thinks that the public order, which means how things are organized and peaceful, could collapse very soon. This is because the conditions are so desperate and it's really hard to give them the help they need.

He also mentioned that things could get even worse if diseases start spreading and more people try to leave Gaza and go to other countries nearby.

The Numbers

The war in Gaza has been really devastating. So far, there have been 16,248 people who lost their lives, including 7,112 children and 4,885 women. On top of that, 43,616 people have been injured.

The United Nations' Challenges

Guterres also talked about the challenges the United Nations is facing in helping the people in Gaza. He said that the aid that is getting through the Rafah crossing is not enough, and they can't reach everyone who needs help inside Gaza. The United Nations and its partners are facing shortages of supplies, fuel, and even problems with communication. This makes it really hard for them to do their job and help the people in need. 

Source: Agencies