Heartbreaking Story of Walaa Masoud Whose Only Son Killed by Israel Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 03, 2023 2310


Imagine losing your only child and your entire family. This is the story of Walaa Masoud, a mother from Gaza, whose pain represents the struggles of many mothers in the region.

A Broken Promise

Walaa Masoud will never be able to fulfill her promise to her son, Karim. She had promised him a big birthday celebration once the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip ended. However, Karim was taken away from her. Karim was killed  by the Israeli  barbarous air strikes that destroyed their neighborhood in the Jabalia refugee camp.

These devastating raids occurred on October 31, just one day after Karim's fifth birthday. Walaa recalls, "He was happy, but the situation wasn't right for a celebration. I promised him a big party after the war."

Karim's Dream

Karim was the only child of Walaa and her husband, Abdul Aziz Ward. They faced difficulties in having another child, which Karim had always wished for. He would often ask them, "Why don't I have a brother?"

Karim was a special boy. He dreamed of becoming a doctor and was described by his parents as intelligent, devout, and mature for his age. Abdul Aziz fondly remembers Karim's love for pizza, although in his last days, Karim had to survive on very little food and water.

The Tragedy

Since the start of the ground operation, Israel has isolated Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip from the south. The Israeli forces have entered densely populated areas, cutting off supplies and humanitarian aid to the residents who remain. Many families, like Walaa's, were forced to flee under the constant threat of bombardment.

Walaa's family lived in the Al-Saftawi area, but they were displaced due to the intense air strikes. They sought refuge with relatives in the Jabalia camp. Unfortunately, a few days later, their new location became the site of a horrific massacre. The Israeli warplanes destroyed an entire residential area, killing around a thousand people, including Walaa's entire family.

A Glimmer of Hope

Amidst the devastation, Abdul Aziz miraculously survived and managed to rescue Walaa from under the rubble. However, they couldn't find any trace of Karim. After searching through the Indonesian hospital, Abdul Aziz's heart sank when he discovered a small shroud among the bodies of the martyrs. It read, "Martyr Karim Abdel Aziz Ward."

While Walaa and Abdul Aziz escaped with their lives, many of their relatives are still trapped under the rubble of their destroyed homes. The couple was forced to flee south, leaving behind their loved ones.

Escaping Again

Walaa's ordeal didn't end there. She found herself in the Indonesian hospital, which was also targeted by airstrikes. The ceiling of her room collapsed, and she narrowly escaped a shrapnel that could have killed her. She was later transferred to a school in Rafah, where she received medical care but worried about her ability to walk again.

During the journey from the north to the south of Gaza, Walaa endured six hours of standing on her injured feet. The overcrowded buses, meant to transport wounded and sick people, added to her pain and suffering.

A Mother's Grief

Walaa, now a prisoner of her own pain and wounds, mourns the loss of her son and her entire family. She cannot bear to think about the future and wishes she had joined the martyrs.

Source: Al Jazeera