Russian Center: American Actions on Gaza and Ukraine Show Hypocrisy and Double Standards

By Gamal Khattab March 03, 2024 2214

America's Double Standards

A Russian writer named Yuri Brysov recently reported on the website of the Russian Strategic Center of Cultures about America's questionable practices when it comes to supplying weapons to foreign countries. According to Brysov, America creates laws for supplying weapons based on its own interests and manipulates wars to suit these interests.

America's Ultimatum to Israel

Brysov mentioned a report from the American website Axios, stating that President Joe Biden's administration has given Israel a deadline until mid-March to sign a letter promising to use American weapons in accordance with international law and allow humanitarian aid to Gaza. If Israel fails to provide these guarantees, the supply of weapons will be halted.

Washington's Hidden Agenda

Brysov believes that America is trying to cover up its declining influence in the Middle East before the upcoming presidential elections. The recent military actions by Israel against Gaza could lead to further conflict in the region, which goes against America's interests and threatens its control in the area.

The Gaza Conflict

Brysov argues that the ongoing conflict in Gaza, pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is not in America's best interest. To prevent further escalation, America has taken unprecedented measures to deter Israel and suspend the conflict until after the elections.

American Weapons in Ukraine

Brysov also points out that the same rules regarding the use of American weapons apply to Ukraine. However, Ukraine has not provided written guarantees that these weapons will not be used against civilians, which is a violation of international law.

Ukraine's Selfish Actions

The writer accuses Ukraine of using American missile launchers against civilians in Donetsk and other Russian cities on a daily basis. Despite international laws prohibiting such actions, Ukraine continues to prioritize its own interests over the well-being of civilians.

Source: Russian press