Jerusalem Post: Our Conflict with Palestine is Religious not Political

By Gamal Khattab March 04, 2024 2305

Arnold Sleepermarsh

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article suggesting that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is more about religion than politics. According to the author, Arnold Sleepermarsh, the ongoing war in Gaza highlights the religious dimensions of the conflict.

Axis of Resistance

Sleepermarsh points out that one alliance supporting Palestine includes Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Houthi group in Yemen. He believes that Hamas is focused on eliminating Israel and has united Muslims against Jews and Israel.

Ally with the Progressives

On the other hand, Sleepermarsh discusses a second alliance made up of Western Muslims and progressive young people who oppose imperialism and capitalism. He argues that their hostility towards Israel is the main common ground between them.

However, Sleepermarsh claims that this alliance is actually meaningless, as there are no real shared interests between progressives and Muslims.

He warns Israelis to combat the ideas of progressives, as he believes they contribute to spreading Islamic hatred towards Jews worldwide. He also suggests that this hatred could lead to the decline of liberal democracy and the Islamization of Europe.

Source: Jerusalem Post