Israeli Military Analyst: Al-Qassam is a Powerful Army in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 03, 2024 3882


According to an Israeli military analyst, this group is like a real army! They have training manuals, an officer-training school, and even a list of potential leaders for the future. Let's dive in and learn more!

Two Armies, Not Organizations

The former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi described both Hamas and Hezbollah as "two armies, not two organizations." This means that they are not just small groups, but they have become powerful armies.

Getting Stronger

Over the years, Hamas has become stronger and more organized. They started as a small group, but now they have become a force to be reckoned with. The recent conflict in Gaza showed that Hamas is not just a bunch of scattered fighters. They have platoons, battalions, and divisions - just like a real army!

Training and Organization

So, how did Hamas become so powerful? Well, they have training manuals that teach their soldiers everything they need to know. They even have an officer-training school, just like the regular army! This means that they are well trained and know how to work together as a team.

Special Roles

During the recent conflict, the Israeli forces found a list of soldiers in the house of a Qassam commander. Each soldier had a specific role, like snipers, fighters, combat engineers, and even anti-tank missile operators. This shows that Hamas has a clear hierarchy and everyone knows their job.

Copying the Enemy

Hamas has even created their own versions of Israeli military marches. They have an officers' school and they are constantly learning and improving their skills. It's like they are trying to be just like the Israeli army!

Targeting Weak Points

One interesting thing the Israeli army discovered was that Hamas had detailed manuals for their anti-tank missile operators. These manuals explained how to target tanks and their weak points. This information helped the Israeli army take measures to protect their armored vehicles.

Learning from the Manuals

The training manuals also teach soldiers how to maintain their weapons and military equipment. They explain common problems with firearms and even list the names of different Israeli army divisions and brigades. It's like a complete guide for being a soldier!

Thus, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas are not just a small group - they are a powerful army. They have training manuals, an officer-training school, and a clear hierarchy. It's fascinating to see how they have grown and become so organized. Who knows what the future holds for them?

Source: Yedioth Ahronoth