A French Academic: The Fate of Europe in 2024 is being decided in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab January 03, 2024 4019


  • War on Gaza expected to significantly affect Europe.
  • Netanyahu and Putin aim to prolong war to avoid imprisonment and maintain power.
  • Putin believes war will aid Ukraine's chances assuming Trump's re-election.
  • Europe suggested to work towards permanent solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Reevaluating cooperation with Israel to stop settlement projects in occupied territories.
  • Europe's fate in 2024 influenced by war on Gaza.

The War in Gaza

A French academic named Jean-Pierre Filiu believes that the war on Gaza will have a big impact on Europe. He thinks that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin want the war to continue because they hope that former US President Donald Trump will come back to power. This could be really bad for the European Union.

Why is the War in Gaza Important?

  Filiu says that the war in Gaza is getting more attention than the war in Ukraine, even though the number of casualties in Gaza is much higher. If we compare it to France, it's like 650,000 French people, including 250,000 children, being killed. That's a lot of people! Filiu is worried that this tragedy won't end anytime soon.

Netanyahu's Motivation

So, why does Netanyahu want the war to continue? Filiu says that Netanyahu is not only trying to stay in power, but he also wants to avoid going to prison. He is facing charges of corruption, fraud, and breach of trust. If Trump gets re-elected, Netanyahu thinks he'll be safe because Trump supported him a lot when he was president.


Putin's Role

 Putin also wants the war in Gaza to continue because he thinks it will help him win in Ukraine. He believes that if Trump comes back to power, he will have a better chance of winning. Putin wants to be the big winner in all of this.

Europe's Role

So, what can Europe do about all of this? Filiu thinks that Europe needs to step up and take action. They should work towards a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, just like they supported Ukraine in 2022. Europe needs to show that they can defend the principles of law and fairness in the Middle East.

Re-evaluating Cooperation with Israel

Filiu also suggests that Europe should re-evaluate their cooperation with Israel. They should stop supporting any projects that promote settlement in the occupied territories. Europe shouldn't just be a financial supporter for the reconstruction of Gaza, they should take on a bigger role and make a real difference.

In conclusion, the fate of Europe in 2024 will be greatly influenced by what happens in Gaza. It's important for Europe to take action and work towards a peaceful solution. 

Source: Le Monde

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