Olmert: Destroying Hamas Impossible Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 01, 2024 3958


In an article written by Ehud Olmert, who used to be the Prime Minister of Israel, Olmert says that Israel should stop the fighting in Gaza and release all the prisoners of Hamas. 

The Impossible Goal

Olmert says that it's impossible to completely destroy Hamas, even though the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that was the main goal of the war. Olmert explains that even in better conditions, it would be really hard to defeat Hamas. He points out that the attack tunnels used by Hamas in the 2014 Gaza War showed how challenging it is to eliminate them.

A Failed Rhetoric

Olmert believes that Netanyahu knew from the beginning that his words were empty and that Israel would eventually have to end the war. He thinks it's time for Israel to admit that they haven't been able to defeat Hamas yet. Olmert mentions a previous operation in 2002 that didn't eliminate all the "terrorist groups" in the West Bank, but it did reduce their activities. It took several years before they could say the operation was truly over.

Difficult Days Ahead

Olmert warns that Israel will face tough times ahead with more soldiers getting hurt and more destruction in Gaza. He says that this puts a heavy burden on Israel and weakens the support they receive from friendly countries. So, what should Israel do?

Ending the Fighting

Olmert believes that Israel should express its willingness to end the fighting. He emphasizes that it's not about just stopping the war for a few days, but actually putting an end to the hostilities. He warns that if Israel doesn't act now, they might only get back the bodies of their prisoners in the future, as they might not be alive anymore. Olmert suggests that Israel should condition the end of the fighting on the release of all prisoners held by Hamas.

A Prisoner Exchange

On the other hand, Olmert says that Israel will have to release all the Hamas prisoners they hold. He mentions that Netanyahu had previously agreed to release over a thousand prisoners, including Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, just to bring back one soldier. Olmert admits that he had rejected such a deal in the past, but now he believes that Israel should release them to bring back their own people.

Netanyahu's Motives

Olmert does not think Netanyahu will agree to his proposal because he believes the current Prime Minister is more focused on his personal future and political goals than ending the war. Olmert even suggests that Netanyahu is willing to let Israel suffer just to achieve his own objectives.

A Call for Courage

Olmert ends his article by asking if any of Netanyahu's colleagues in the Cabinet will have the courage to do what is necessary to end the war. He wants someone to step up and make a change.

Source: Haaretz