Will Fake News Destroy Democracy in 2024?

By Gamal Khattab December 31, 2023 4076


A Test for Democracy

An article published by the American Bloomberg News Agency predicts that democracy around the world will face a major challenge in 2024. General elections are scheduled to take place next year in four of the largest democratic blocs - India, the European Union, the United States, and Indonesia. These elections will be the first to take place since the rise of the internet.

The Rise of Misinformation

During these elections, over a billion people will head to the polls, but they will also face a storm of misinformation and digital manipulation like never before. This poses a significant risk to democracy itself. In the United States, there is a possibility that the preferred candidate could become a dictator. In the European Union, the far right is gaining momentum. And in Indonesia, the likely candidate has a controversial past.

Vulnerability in the Digital Age

Since 2016, it has become clear that elections in the digital age are highly vulnerable to manipulation. Efforts have been made to safeguard the integrity of elections, but they are fighting an uphill battle. The victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential elections was influenced by carefully crafted narratives spread through electronic software run by robots. While measures have been taken to prevent the spread of "fake news," it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect and stop misinformation.

The Global Impact

Misinformation is not limited to one country or platform. It spreads globally and affects people's ability to distinguish between truth and fiction. The rise of artificial intelligence-based misinformation makes it even harder to identify fake news. The threat to democracy crosses borders, and no government can tackle it alone.

A Unified Approach

Defending democracy requires a strategic and unified approach. Each country has its own methods for securing elections, and manipulators take advantage of these differences. To combat the level of disinformation expected in 2024, a more coordinated effort is needed. Protecting national elections should be a priority, and multilateral action is crucial in defending democracy.

Source: Bloomberg