Israeli Experts: Sinwar Controls Tel Aviv's Options After the Gaza Truce Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 28, 2023 242


Israel's Dilemma

After the temporary truce in Gaza, Israeli leaders are facing a difficult decision. They are being influenced by Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, who is willing to extend the ceasefire. On the other hand, the Israeli army wants to continue the war and expand their ground incursion into the south to weaken Hamas and free the detainees.

Challenges for Prime Minister Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing internal challenges. Families of the detainees are pressuring him to continue the prisoner exchange process that was achieved through the ceasefire. Additionally, there are calls from Europe and America to use this truce as a starting point for a political solution.

The Impact of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" Battle

The Israeli public is still reeling from the shock of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" battle launched by Hamas. This battle created a sense of existential threat and garnered widespread support for the war. However, if the war continues on multiple fronts or becomes more complex, it may weaken public support.

The Trap and Pressure from Hamas

Hamas is using the truce and the exchange deal as a trap to pressure Israel. By accepting a limited number of detainees in exchange for a ceasefire, Israel's deterrent power is not improved. The military leadership believes that resuming and expanding the war is necessary to weaken Hamas and turn Gaza into a refugee camp.

Options for Israel

According to security experts, Israel's options are to continue the fighting and ground battles in the south to undermine Hamas militarily and politically. However, international pressure to extend the truce and complete the exchange deal may complicate these options.

The Importance of Decisiveness

Security experts argue that Israel cannot cease fire and withdraw from Gaza without achieving the goals of the war. Only by being decisive in Gaza can Israel guarantee its security and regain its position of strength.

Israel's International Legitimacy

Israel is facing international pressure to end the war. The Legitimacy Cell, a monitoring group within the Israeli army, is keeping track of Israel's international legitimacy in the war. As the truce and exchange deal progress, international interest in Israeli detainees decreases, while sympathy for the Palestinians and calls for an end to the war increase.

The Future of Gaza

With no clear political solution for the future of Gaza, the international community is pushing for negotiations towards a two-state solution. If Hamas emerges as the victor after the war, they will remain a powerful force that cannot be ignored.


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