Al-Mutawa: "Mossad" and Others are Fomenting Unrest in Iraq


According to Mr. Abdullah Ali Al-Mutawa, the leader of the Social Reform Society, there are malicious hands who are attempting to create conflict among the Iraqi population, particularly between Sunnis and Shiites. He strongly condemns and rejects the bombing of the imams' shrines in Samarra.

Al-Mutawa said, in his statements to the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas: “The attack on the graves of the Al-Bayt family is a criminal and unacceptable matter, and no one accepts it.”

He added: “If the observer closely looked at the events, he would find that there were those who came to Iraq to cause strife between the members of the Sunni and Shiite sects.”

 He stated his certainty that the Sunnis in Iraq would not carry out any attacks that go against Islamic law. He pointed out that those who benefit from such strife are the enemies of Islam, who don't want stability for the Iraqi people, but instead seek to incite a sectarian war between the two groups. It seems that both Sunnis and Shiites are causing destruction and conflict.

Al-Mutawa wondered: “Why is the accusation not explicitly directed at the presence of the “Israeli Mossad” and foreign intelligence in Iraq, who want to show Iraq that it is an unstable country? To ensure the continuation of clashes there and to ensure their existence, survival, and control over Iraq and its wealth?!

While Al-Mutawa rejected the criminal act on the shrines of the imams, he also condemned and denounced the mob criminal act of burning Sunni mosques and killing their imams as a wrong criminal reaction, demanding the necessity of “investigating the Samarra bombings, instead of repeated wrong reactions with unfortunate consequences.”

Al-Mutawa called on Sunni and Shiite scholars “to denounce such actions, and not to incite events, as happened with a call for demonstrations that resulted in criminal actions that led to the killing of Sunni imams and the burning of their mosques.”

Al-Mutawa denounced the kidnappings that occur in Iraq in general, the killing of Sunnis, and the formation of death squads specialized in killing them, which we hear news about on satellite channels daily. Al-Mutawa called on Sunni and Shiite scholars to “an expanded conference that includes all sects in which we reject attacks based on sectarianism, and agree on unity of ranks to reach To a unified, stable Iraq.”

He said: “What happened in Samarra was preceded by similar attempts that were discovered at the last minute in Mosul against Sunni mosques, and that the Mossad was certainly behind it, and the evidence is the confession of one of the perpetrators.”

He explained that “if these attempts had occurred, innocent people who had nothing to do with them would have been accused.”

Jerusalem and betrayal:

We have heard the shameful statements and cowardly concessions regarding the Muslim issue. The Palestinian issue, and we heard from the other “Israeli” party demanding Jerusalem and other parts of the Arab world.

The situation requires us to say in all frankness: Any person, regardless of his position, will become an apostate, a traitor, and a coward before the Arab and Islamic world if he leniently treats the Zionists with regard to any of the rights of Muslims in Palestine and responds to the Zionists’ demands to internationalize Jerusalem, hand it over to them, or give up any inch.

The Arabs must realize the ambitions of the Zionists and thwart the dangerous conspiracies that are being hatched in the dark. We call on the sincere people in the Arab countries to gather their strength and declare holy jihad, and to know that it is the only way to defeat the Zionists and stop their ambitions.

Arabs must recognize Zionist ambitions and thwart the dangerous plots being planned in the dark. We call on the honest citizens of the Arab countries to join forces and declare a holy jihad, knowing that this is the only way to defeat the Zionists and thwart their ambitions.

"Let those (believers) who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter fight in the Cause of Allah, and whoso fights in the Cause of Allah, and is killed or gets victory, We shall bestow on him a great reward." [An-Nisa: 74]