Losing faith led to the loss of both land and blood Featured

By Abdullah Al-Mutawa October 03, 2023 2655

When we lost faith, the land fell and blood flowed

Progressive regimes failed to achieve any victory

The "word" must have a hand with which to move events,

To have a profound impact and settle down in the “minds” of others,

To have an echo and connect to the depths of the “hearts” of others?

 This is an aspiration that is specific to the “trustees” who realize, in their depths, the weight of the “honesty” of reporting, and they hope that what they sow - the seeds of thought and feeling matured by pain - will settle in the depths of those of their people who address them.

God Almighty described the Messenger’s sadness when his people did not listen well, saying: “Well, (O Muhammad), it may be that you will consume your life for their sake out of sorrow, if they do not believe in this message.” (Al-Kahf: 6).

Is it not time for us to reflect on the events of the twenty-three years that passed from 1947 until we reached the year 1970 AD? *

Twenty-three lean years in which crops, and offspring perished in our Islamic East, while in another twenty-three years of pure time from the time the message was revealed to the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, until his death, how many ripe fruits did it produce?

I remember this...and I remember that on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger, (ﷺ)...it passes through my mind, and I wander with my heart and mind through the streets of Mecca and Medina, and between his mosque, (ﷺ), and the homes of the Companions, "may Allah be pleased with them all". I contemplate how he spent this period building the individual, the family, and society on the basis of “fearing Allah.”. An ideal society was born, founded on equality and justice, when it was certain of brotherhood and love as a way of life, and it was intense in goodness and generous in it, due to the emanation of true piety for Allah Almighty, and when it adhered to the commands of His Noble Messenger, and when the deep passion was for this message, not for the fleeting symptoms of our defunct lives.  

The Messenger of Allah ()said, “None of you [truly] believes until his desires are subservient to that which I have brought.” Hadith 41, 40 Hadith an-Nawaw

For these great virtues and principles that struck deep roots in the souls of these people, Allah Almighty described them in the Qur’an by saying:  "You are now the best people brought forth for (the guidance and reform of) mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah." Al Imran (110)

When they believed in God’s reward, they rushed to jihad. So they left their homes, their women, and their money, killing and being killed for its sake.

From here, the overwhelming courage of the “Muslim man” and the “Muslim army” exploded. It achieved the victory of Badr, so hundreds defeated the Quraysh with its gathering, men and equipment.

In Mu'tah, four thousand Muslims advance, seize the initiative, and attack the Romans in their homeland, standing in the face of two hundred thousand Romans.

Then came the battles of Al-Qadisiyah and Yarmouk... and others.

Sacrifices were made and they raced, eager for death and martyrdom as their enemies were eager for life.

These memories pass and the pain sweeps the soul from what Muslims are falling into today.

We lost the fear of Allah in our chests, so we weakened people. Twenty-three years from 1947 until 1970 AD passed in our Islamic East, so what happened in it?

Today the Jews are killing our children? Is this old?

Today the Jews assault our women. Have hearts died in the “swamp of silence”?

Our land is being violated and houses are being demolished on our heads day and night. Why did all this happen?

What will the face of the near future reveal?


Let us get used to asking ourselves difficult questions that haunt us in our consciences and strip us of sleep:

Have we wondered what has brought us to this humiliating present?

Who is leading us to this bloody future without victory, the signs of which shine on the horizons of the future?

These are questions born from the sites of seeing “Islamic blood” flowing from the mouths of our children, which were torn apart by Jewish bullets.

These are words that emerge from a heart pained by the footsteps of prostitutes on the campus of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which God has blessed.

The conspiracy began with a few colonies scattered here and there, but it was fueled by a team of conspirators working according to deep planning, and those who differed in everything, those whose sects differed, gathered to wage war on the heart of the Islamic world, where Jerusalem is the first qibla.

The countries of the socialist camp, led by Russia, and America, England, and France, met on the other side. To support the Jewish birth in the heart of Islamic Palestine, and they wanted to take another, more important step.

It was said: “Israel” rose; Because the regimes that govern the region, as they claim, are reactionary.

The defeat of the armies, the birth of “Israel,” and the corruption of the situation are all, as they claim, due to reactionism.

It was said: Down with reactionism, the tanks roared, and the fever of coups began.

But what is strange is that the coups began to move, with all the intelligence and weapons forces they had gathered, into the countries in which they took place, and suddenly a single disgusting tone rose and then resonated.

The attack is aimed at the heart of the Islamic movement, and the prison camps open to tens of thousands of Islamists, and the gallows rise very quickly.

The faithful were thrown into prisons, qualified individuals were displaced from various countries, Islamic institutes and colleges were closed, the circulation of Islamic literature was prohibited, and the economy was destroyed.

After the peoples were humiliated by plans imported from across the seas, and someone who did not respect God’s covenant or obligation was pushed to ascend to power. Then the time came for the next attack by “Israel.” The international Jewish plan was carried out such that it would stab the Islamic homeland to its core after it had been emptied of the Islamic spirit, while the Jewish rabbis would arouse the utmost religious energy in the people of “Israel,” and thus the enemy forces advanced.

There were no reactionary regimes as they claimed, but rather progressive regimes as they boasted, equipped with modern technology, weapons and equipment, and the interior had been purified as they claimed.

The Jewish forces advanced, and their forces were not allowed to enter Jerusalem until after the “Rabbi” presented them, blowing a trumpet.

O loyal Muslims!

O contemplative thinkers!

The truth is no longer a secret.

The truth is a sun that reveals the face of our humiliated days.

We fell when the Islamic faith fell from our souls.

We fell when the battlefield was cleared of Islamists.

The uniting of 700 million Muslims over Islam is the horror they fear.

Let us know that the conflict in our region and the ongoing wars target Islam in their essence, launched by a cunning Zionism, and supported by a hateful Crusaders.

Let us return to Allah.

And let us seek glory by what Allah has given us. Whoever seeks glory by other than what Allah has honored him with, Allah will humiliate him.

 O Muslims, return to your faith. What you lost will be counted for you, and then you will deserve clear victory.

"O believers! Shall I guide you to an exchange that will save you from a painful punishment? ˹It is to˺ have faith in Allah and His Messenger and strive in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is best for you, if only you knew." (Surah As Saf 10-11)


*This article was written in 1970