Supporting Ghannouchi: You're Not Alone! Featured

Politicians and activists have launched a solidarity campaign on social media in support of Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, the head of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement, who has decided to undertake a hunger strike in solidarity with political detainees in the case of what is known as the "conspiracy against state security." The hashtags "Ghannouchi, you are not alone" and "Rashid Ghannouchi" have trended on social media sites in Tunisia and a number of Arab countries, demonstrating solidarity with Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi.

The Statement of Ennahdha Movement

The Executive Office of the Ennahdha Movement has issued a statement, expressing solidarity with the freedom fighter Mr. Johar Ben Mubarak, leader of the National Salvation Front, who began a hunger strike four days ago. In defense of the demand of all political detainees to be released and to lift the grievances against them, Mr. Rashid Ghannouchi, Speaker of the Legitimate Assembly of People's Representatives and Head of the Ennahda Movement, has undertaken a hunger strike for a period of three consecutive days.

The statement further adds that the Ennahdha Movement expresses its highest appreciation, admiration, and solidarity with the two great struggling brothers, Mr. Rashid Ghannouchi and Mr. Johar Ben Mubarak, and through them with all the struggling brothers who have been behind bars for several months, most of them without hearing or without investigation in fabricated cases whose sole motive is a desire to eliminate opposition political rivals who adhere to legitimacy and to their right and the right of their dear country and their proud people to democracy, freedom, human rights, and citizenship.

The movement's executive office has called on the authority to release all political detainees immediately, holding it responsible for any harm caused to the health and safety of the striking brothers.

The leader of the Ennahda movement, Riad Al-Shuaibi, emphasized that Ghannouchi's decision to join Johar bin Mubarak in the hunger strike represents another phase in the ongoing struggle for freedom, democracy, and the overthrow of the coup.

Daughter of Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi

Somaya Ghannouchi, daughter of Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, expressed that many may question how someone over the age of eighty can endure the hardships of prison and even embark on a hunger strike, further exhausting his already weary body. However, they fail to understand the indomitable spirit of my father, which is fueled by an unlimited and unrestrained determination to challenge. Despite his gentle and open-minded nature, he possesses an unwavering stubbornness. Once he makes a decision, he acts upon it, regardless of the consequences.

Sumaya also shared on her platform that they attempted to dissuade her father from going on a hunger strike through his lawyer. Although he humbly listened to their advice, he silently persisted in his decision, defying both the prison and its wardens.

She continued by expressing her disbelief that anyone with no history of struggle could expect someone like her father to submit to Ghannouchi, who has experienced imprisonment, exile, and even faced the gallows with unwavering resolve.

In conclusion, she prayed for God's protection over her father, shielding him from all harm and surrounding him with His unwavering glory and watchful eye.

Empty Intestines

Dr. Rafik Abdel Salam, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, acknowledged that Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi transcends the limitations of his physical body and engages in the battle of the "empty intestines" as a defiance against his captors. This act is not driven by personal concerns but rather for the sake of the wounded nation and in solidarity with his fellow political prisoners.

Unwavering Strength

The renowned Palestinian writer, Yasser Al-Zaatarah, expressed his perspective on the current situation, stating that the sheikh is enduring imprisonment with unwavering strength, while the "little dictator" is suppressing his delusions and pursuing imaginary threats. Al-Za'atra further commented that those in power seem to derive satisfaction from witnessing the suffering they have caused.

Al-Za'atra also noted that those who orchestrated the "counter-revolution" series will not be able to rid themselves of the influence of the "Spring" and "political Islam" movements, despite their apparent triumph.

Heroic and Principled Stance

Rafik Amara, a representative of the Tunisian People's Assembly, described Sheikh Ghannouchi's decision to go on strike as a heroic and principled stance in support of the detained Johar Ben Mubarak, who is currently engaged in an open hunger strike.

The head of the International Organization for Supporters of the Prophet, Muhammad Al-Saghir, expressed his views on the arrest of Rashid Ghannouchi, the Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament and founder of the Coexistence and Integration Movement. Al-Saghir highlighted that Ghannouchi's arrest, as well as his advocacy for the theory of participation without defeat, were not accepted by the civilized West or democratic parliaments. This, according to Al-Saghir, confirms the statement made by François Bourges, a Frenchman, that the West refuses to accept Islamic rule in any form, be it the Taliban or Ghannouchi.

Islamic activist Fadel Suleiman emphasized that Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, despite being an eighty-year-old, stands tall and courageous in the face of an unjust regime that discriminates against believers without any justifiable cause.

On April 17th, Tunisian security forces arrested Ghannouchi after raiding his residence. Subsequently, the Court of First Instance in Tunis ordered his imprisonment in relation to statements attributed to him that allegedly incited against state security.

Since February of last year, Tunisia has experienced a series of arrests targeting various individuals, including media personalities, activists, judges, businessmen, and politicians. Prominent figures such as Ghannouchi, as well as several Ennahda leaders including Ali Al-Arayedh, Nour Al-Din Al-Behairi, and Sayed Al-Ferjani, have been included in this campaign.

While President Saied has consistently emphasized the importance of an independent judiciary, the opposition has raised concerns that he is utilizing the judicial system to prosecute individuals who oppose his extraordinary measures.