Niger Cancels Military Agreements with Former Colonial Ruler France

By agencies August 05, 2023 5265

The Junta in Niger have decided to cancel some agreements they had with France. These agreements were about working together on military stuff. One of the agreements even goes back to 1977!

Why Did They Do It?

The junta said they made this decision because they think the security situation in the country is getting worse and the government is not doing a good job. They made this announcement on TV after they took the country's president, Mohamed Bazoum, into custody.

Not a Surprise

A lot of people were not surprised by this announcement. Earlier that day, there were people protesting outside the French Embassy, showing that they were not happy with France.

Media Outlets Suspended

Later that day, the junta also stopped two French media outlets from working in Niger. These media outlets are France 24 Television and Radio France Internationale (RFI).

Why is this a Big Deal?

France has a big military base in Niger with around 1000-1500 soldiers. This base is really important for France because it helps them fight against groups like Daesh/ISIS and al-Qaeda in the Sahel region. France had to leave Mali and Burkina Faso, so this base became even more important for them.

France's Last Ally

Before all this happened, Niger was France's only ally in the Sahel region when it came to fighting against the so called terrorism. Now, things have changed.

France's Response

France has not said anything yet about the junta canceling the agreements. However, the French Foreign Ministry did criticize the junta for stopping the French media outlets from working. They said it was a way for the junta to control the media and not let people have their freedom of speech.


Because of all this tension, France decided to bring back more than 1,000 people from Niger, including some of their own citizens and people from other countries.


So, that's what's been happening in Niger. The junta canceled some military agreements with France, and it's causing a lot of concern. We'll have to wait and see what happens next!