Unapproved X Sign Causes Trouble to Elon Musk

By Agencies August 02, 2023 5511

Elon Musk's company, formerly known as Twitter, has been billed by the city of San Francisco for placing an unauthorized flashing X sign on the roof of its headquarters. The sign was taken down on Monday after receiving 24 complaints from nearby residents.

Complaints and Investigation

Residents complained that the sign was a nuisance and its flashing lights disturbed their sleep. As a result, the city's Department of Building Inspections launched an investigation, and the company will have to cover the cost of it.

Unauthorized Installation

City officials had previously issued a notice to X Corp (formerly Twitter) for installing the sign without proper authorization. The company had also faced difficulties when trying to remove its previous bird symbol from the building's side.

Permit Required for Logo Replacement

Replacing the logo would require a permit to ensure safety conditions and preserve the building's historic nature, according to Patrick Hannan, a spokesman for the Department of Building Inspection.

Rebranding and Future Plans

Twitter recently rebranded itself as X, a move that could potentially impact the company's value. Elon Musk, who has a fascination with the letter X, plans to develop X into an "everything app" alongside chief executive Linda Yaccarino.

In a tweet last year, Musk mentioned that acquiring Twitter was a way to accelerate the creation of the everything-app X. Despite offers to move its headquarters, Musk stated that the company would remain in San Francisco.