Explosions near Crimea: Ukrainian Attack on Russian Oil Tanker

By agencies August 05, 2023 5334

Some big explosions are heard near Crimea, which is a place controlled by Russia. The explosions happened near a bridge that connects Crimea to Russia. Some are saying that Ukrainian drones attacked a Russian oil tanker and caused the explosions. However, Ukraine has not said anything about it yet.

Details of the Incident

Early in the morning, traffic on the bridge was stopped because of the explosions. The Russian news agency Tass said that the tanker got hit and damaged, but luckily, nothing leaked from it. There were 11 people on board the tanker, and two tugboats came to help.

Ukrainian News Reports

According to Ukrainian news reports, there were three explosions in the area. They also said that Ukrainian drones attacked an oil tanker called SIG, which had a Russian flag on it. Some people think the tanker was carrying motor oil to Syria.

What a Russian Official Said

  Vladimir Rogov  said that the tanker asked the tugboats to tow it. He also said that nobody got hurt in the accident, which happened about 32 nautical miles from the Kerch Strait.

Why is this Important?

This bridge has been attacked before, and this is the third time in the past 24 hours that traffic has been stopped because of it. The bridge was finished in 2018, four years after Russia took control of Crimea from Ukraine. Ukraine kind of took responsibility for the attacks, but they didn't say it directly.