NYT: Israel Strikes Two Main Iranian Gas Pipelines Featured


Israel's Attack on Iranian Gas Pipelines

Last Wednesday, Israel reportedly carried out attacks on two main natural gas pipelines inside Iran, disrupting the flow of heat and cooking gas to several provinces. This marks a significant escalation in the ongoing secret war between Israel and Iran, involving air, land, sea, and cyber-attacks.

Impact of the Attacks

The attacks targeted points along gas pipelines in Fars and Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari provinces, causing service outages in residential homes, government buildings, and major factories across at least five provinces in Iran. These pipelines transport gas from the south to major cities in the north, such as Tehran and Isfahan.

Consequences of the Attacks

Energy experts estimate that the attacks halted about 15% of Iran's daily natural gas production, affecting the country's vital infrastructure. The attacks required deep knowledge of Iranian infrastructure and careful coordination, according to Western officials and military strategists.

Disruption of Gas Flow

Iranian Oil Minister Jawad Oji stated that the enemy's plan was to disrupt gas flow in the winter to major cities and provinces in Iran. While Oji did not directly blame Israel, he mentioned that the aim was to damage Iran's energy infrastructure and incite domestic discontent.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Attacks

It remains unclear how the pipelines were struck, whether by drones, explosives, or other means. No party has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Iranian officials suspect Israel due to the complexity and scope of the operation.

Response and Denials

Iran denied involvement in attacks against American and Israeli targets in the region, emphasizing that it does not seek direct war with the United States. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office declined to comment on the attacks.

Previous Incidents

Last December, Iran executed individuals accused of sabotage and links to Israeli intelligence. This hidden war between Iran and Israel has seen accusations of attacks on nuclear and missile programs, though Israel has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations.

Source: New York Times