Sudan: Rapid Support Forces Cause Chaos on Darfur Road Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 19, 2024 1755

The Western Rescue Road, connecting Kosti to Darfur in Sudan, is facing a serious problem. Armed men from the Rapid Support Forces are causing chaos and danger along this important route, threatening the safety of the community, and disrupting transportation and trade.

The Western Salvation Road

The Western Salvation Road is a vital link between eastern Sudan and the five states of Darfur, stretching over 1,280 kilometers. Construction began in 1995 and was completed in 2014, marking a significant milestone for transportation in the region.

Security Issues

Recently, the road has become a hotspot for theft, looting, and violence by members of the Rapid Support Forces. Travelers are being targeted, with reports of stolen belongings and physical attacks on drivers and passengers. This has led to a decline in the region's economy and safety.

Frequent Incidents

Witnesses have reported daily incidents of theft and attacks on travelers along the road. Sarah Ahmed, a resident of El Fasher, shared her experience of being robbed by armed individuals affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces. Travelers like Sarah live in fear due to the lack of security on the road.

Price Increase

Travel and transportation companies are concerned about the impact of these incidents on the sector. Ticket prices have skyrocketed, making it difficult for many people to afford travel costs. The Rapid Support Forces are imposing high fees on bus owners, further burdening travelers.

Call for Action

Dr. Nour El-Din Rahma, head of the Darfur Tribes Forum, is calling for urgent intervention to protect citizens and eliminate criminal acts by the Rapid Support Forces. The government and local community must work together to ensure a safe environment for residents.

Residents of Darfur continue to face challenges in finding safe routes for travel and trade due to the presence of armed groups on the road. The situation highlights the need for immediate action to restore peace and security in the region.

Source: Al Jazeera