IDF Robs 200 Million Shekels from Bank of Palestine in Gaza


Israeli Soldiers Brave Danger to Retrieve Palestinian Funds

Last week, the Israeli army took control of 200 million shekels (around $54.3 million) from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza City, according to Israeli newspaper Maariv. The soldiers risked their lives to extract the money, which was meant to be sent to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Why Did the Israeli Army Take Such a Risk?

The Israeli army officials questioned why soldiers would put themselves in danger to retrieve money that was destined for the Palestinian Authority. However, an Israeli army spokesperson explained that the operation was carried out to prevent the funds from reaching Hamas, a decision made at the political level.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The ongoing Israeli war on Gaza has resulted in devastating consequences. According to Palestinian authorities, the conflict has caused the loss of 28,176 lives and left 67,784 people injured, with a majority being children and women. Additionally, thousands of Palestinians are missing, and the destruction has led to a severe humanitarian crisis. The United Nations reports that food, water, and medicine are scarce, and over two million Palestinians, which is more than 85% of the population, have been displaced.

Source: Anadolu Agency