Gaza’s Famine a Silent Genocide

By Gamal Khattab February 22, 2024 1948

Think of a place where food and medicine shortage is rampant, a place where children may starve and get sick. These are the events in Gaza, where a humanitarian calamity is materializing.

The Point of the Crisis Onset

The predicament started when the Israeli Defense Minister ordered the closure of the ports of Gaza which restricted the entry of basic sustains such as water, food, and fuel. This decision made a siege that disrupted the area which was insufficient in obtaining the needed aid.

The Role of the Blockade

The part of the siege where food supplies diminished, was when people were looking for food in buildings that were left behind. The situation went out of control as the aid agencies had to pull out and the Gazans became helpless in front of the Israeli military.

These 2 sectors have become 4 sectors.

The Gaza Strip became divided into three distinct areas: Gaza's border towns of Rafah, the Central District, and the North. The hardest conditions faced the northern area that use to have no access to humanitarian aid.

Sharpened sticks were rudimentary and placed just below the surface.

While the United Nations and the human rights’ organizations blame Israel of using hunger as a weapon against the civilians in the Gaza strip. This is a reprehensible measure which has been defined as a war crime.

It is necessary to create awareness of the plight in Gaza and stand for the rights of the Palestine undergoing a lot of torment. Every voice counts in this fight for rights and equality.

World Food Program Announcement

It has been recently revealed by the World Food Program that it should stop providing food aid into the northern part of Gaza that is under the blockade. Thus, the decision came three days after the attempts to resume the aid delivery.

Starvation Aims in the North

The occupying army is now using hunger as a form of revenge, targeting civilians, and Blocking the aid trucks which are waiting to reach them. The role of journalists in situations of conflict has been exemplified by the cases of people being shot either in a bid to get aid or during reprisals.

Starvation was deliberate tactics used in the South.

New Aid Agreements

In southern parts, aid is supplied across the Rafah crossing from Egypt though in very small amounts. Bringing peace through Kerem Shalom accord is yet to have an effect of increasing the aid quantities into the Gaza.

Preventing Aid Entry

Israeli government is accomplishing a ploy of preventing the shipment of aid into Gaza, by giving settlers the right to stop aid truck routes. The residents go into the extreme way of searching for food, such as pulping animal feed into flour and gathering edible plants.

Impact of Starvation

As Israel none the less employs hunger as the weapon of its war, the death toll from primary malnutrition and illnesses caused by contaminated water are increasing in Gaza.