Israeli Military Official Acknowledges Unprecedented Challenges in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 20, 2024 2075

An Israeli defense ministry official acknowledged that Hamas weapons in the Gaza Strip pose an unprecedented challenge to the Israeli military. Oren Jaber, head of the Tanks, Armored Personnel and Carrier Production Department, said the number of Hamas rifles and ammunition caught the occupying forces by surprise.

Sudden attacks and losses

In an interview with the Israeli economic newspaper Kalkalist, Jaber described the destruction of the Israeli army in terms of military equipment and machinery He revealed that opposition groups, especially the al-Qassam militia, used a variety of weapons, including tanks and including rockets, targeted the occupation forces.

Protective measures and tests

The Israeli military used artillery and personnel carrier defense in response to the increased threat from Hamas. They sought to develop defenses and mechanisms to deal with missile attacks by opposing groups.

The Israeli military response is secrecy.

The Israeli military has refused to say how many soldiers were killed or wounded by rocket attacks while in tanks, armored vehicles and personnel carriers. A military spokesman distributed photos for media use but did not provide specifics about the damage.

Hamas power and resources

Jaber described Hamas weapons and equipment as a surprise to the Israeli military. He emphasized the amount of anti-tank weaponry in their forces, which was unprecedented compared to previous wars. And Hamas’ readiness for this war was evident in their arsenal.


Targeting strategies and developments

Hamas mainly uses rockets and RPG munitions to target Israeli forces. These weapons are maintained by individuals using underground facilities and tunnels. Many of these missiles are dual-armed modified and can be fired from narrow ranges to arresting weapons.

Increasing Future Plans and Budgets

Continuing conflicts with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah along the northern border have pushed Israel’s defense budget for 2024 to more than 125 billion shekels ($35 billion) the Israeli military is poised to contribute tanks and personnel carriers have been developed for the future.

Source: Al Jazeera