The occupation assassinated entire families in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 23, 2023 4618


Hamas Accuses Israeli Army of Killing Entire Families in Gaza

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, has made a shocking claim against the Israeli occupation army. They allege that the army has been carrying out executions and targeting entire families in the Gaza Strip during their ongoing aggression, which has now lasted for 77 days.

Execution of Entire Families

In a statement, Hamas explained that areas in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip have witnessed the execution of entire families by the "fascist occupation army." They mentioned the Enaya family in Gaza City as an example, whose bodies were discovered in their home after the occupation forces withdrew. These incidents have been reported by the Anatolia Agency.

Hamas further revealed that civilian men have been executed in front of their families, including women and children. The army storms and takes control of their homes before carrying out these acts of violence. The testimonies of families and survivors have shed light on these horrifying terrorist massacres.

Call for Accountability

Hamas has called upon the United Nations, the international community, and human rights and humanitarian institutions to raise their voices against these crimes. They demand accountability for the occupation government and its international supporters, particularly the administration of US President Joe Biden. The movement emphasizes the need to hold them responsible for their actions, as they violate international and humanitarian law.

Israeli Army's Continued Aggression

The Israeli army continues to escalate its campaign and raids on the Gaza Strip. Hamas has condemned the arrest of Palestinian Red Crescent employees in the Jabalia refugee camp and the ongoing detention of approximately 100 health personnel. They consider these actions as war crimes and a reflection of the enemy's destructive nature, which is systematically dismantling the health sector.

Field Executions and Random Arrests

Eyewitnesses have reported that the occupation forces carried out field executions of residents on Al-Jalaa Street in Gaza City. The victims were trapped in rooms inside the building where they lived. One injured individual stated that the army stormed the building, blew up apartment doors, and shot at people, even though they were clearly civilians.

News websites and eyewitnesses have also reported that the Israeli army conducted field executions in plain sight and randomly arrested civilians, taking them to unknown locations during their incursions into various areas in the Gaza Strip.

Ongoing Aggression's Toll

Since October 7th, the Israeli occupation army's aggression against Gaza has resulted in 20,570 deaths and 53,320 injuries, according to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Anadolu Agency