Israeli Aggression Kills at Least 1,903 Children in Gaza Featured


The Tragic Impact of Israeli Aggression on Children in Gaza

Did you know that the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has taken the lives of many innocent children? According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a shocking 1,903 children have been killed in the past 16 days. But the real number might be even higher because some of these children are still buried under the rubble of their destroyed homes.

The Unprecedented Rate of Child Casualties

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory reports that the Israeli aggression has resulted in an unprecedented number of Palestinian children and infants losing their lives. The Israeli army has been targeting buildings and residential areas, causing immense harm to innocent children.

The Devastating Impact

Defense for Children International, Palestine Branch, has confirmed that every day, 120 Palestinian children are killed due to the continuous bombing by the Israeli occupation army. These bombings not only destroy homes but also cause severe injuries like burns and wounds from shrapnel and falling debris.

Additional Challenges

On top of the ongoing aggression, hospitals in Gaza are facing power outages, which puts the lives of infants at risk. Incubators, which are crucial for premature babies, are in a catastrophic situation due to the electricity and food crises.

The situation is further worsened by the fact that 7 hospitals and 21 health centers in Gaza are currently out of service, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Long Road to Recovery

Even for the children who survive the attacks, the trauma they experience is haunting. They desperately need mental health services and psycho-social support to help them recover. The road to recovery is long, especially for the hundreds of children who have lost their families in these attacks.

It is heartbreaking to see the devastating impact of the Israeli aggression on the lives of innocent children in Gaza.

Source: Al Jazeera