UNICEF Confirms the Deaths of 2,360 Children in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 25, 2023 4848


Occupation Crimes


"Children in Gaza: The Tragic Reality of War"

  UNICEF recently confirmed that 2,360 children have been killed in Gaza since the war started. 

UNICEF also said that every day, more than 400 children in Gaza are either injured or killed because of the bombings by Israel.  

The Most Violent Escalation Since 2006

This war in Gaza is the most violent it has been since 2006.  Reports say that 5,364 children have been injured since the war began.  

A Growing Stain on Our Conscience

UNICEF released a statement saying that the number of children who have been hurt or killed in Gaza is a "growing stain on our collective conscience." That means it's something that should make us feel really guilty and ashamed. They are calling for an immediate ceasefire, which means they want the fighting to stop, and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza without any problems.

Almost all of the children in Gaza, who make up half of the population there, have experienced really terrible things. They have seen their homes destroyed, heard bombs going off, and have had to leave their houses because it's not safe. On top of that, they don't have enough food, water, or medicine because of the blockade on Gaza. It's a really tough situation for them.

Grave Violations of Children's Rights

Adele Khader, who works for UNICEF, said that what is happening to the children in Gaza is a violation of their rights. Children are being hurt, kidnapped, and even attacked in places like hospitals and schools. This is not how things should be. Every child deserves to be safe and protected.

Victims in the West Bank

It's not just in Gaza where children are suffering. In the West Bank, 28 children have been killed since the fighting started. That's really sad too. Another 160 children have been injured in the past 18 days. It's really alarming to see the number of victims increasing.

47 massacres in the past 24 hours

The Israeli army has been attacking Gaza for 19 days straight. In just the past 24 hours, there have been 47 massacres, which means a lot of people were killed. In total, there have been about 5,800 deaths in the past two weeks, and most of them are children and women.  


Source: Al Jazeera + websites