Occupation's Plan for Tribal Rule in Gaza ... Impossible Experiment

By Mohammed Salim June 12, 2024 2471

The Zionist occupation reiterated throughout the brutal aggression on Gaza its desire to implement a new ruling system in the Strip, known as the tribal rule system, which was stillborn and collapsed before being implemented on the ground due to Gaza's specificity and its resistance.

The idea behind the tribal rule system is for each tribe leader or family head to manage their family affairs under the supervision of the occupation, in an attempt to eliminate the concept of a continuous Palestinian state geographically, a notion that Palestinians find unrealistic.

Dismantling the political system

Palestinian writer and researcher Akram Atallah confirms that the tribal rule experiment is impossible in Gaza due to the difficulty of its application on the families there, explaining that there are no tribes in the demographic and social sense, and what distinguishes Gaza is that there are families, but they are small, making it difficult to implement this system on them.

Atallah adds to "Al-Mujtama" that the tribal rule system requires elements that cannot be available in Gaza, and all the Zionist occupation is doing is dismantling the Palestinian political system for decades to come.

He continued: It is true that the occupation destroyed all governance tools in Gaza from institutions and assassinated most government figures in Gaza, but Hamas movement, from a practical standpoint, controls the overall situation, to the extent that it regularly pays salaries of public sector employees and oversees in one way or another all developments in Gaza.

Elimination of the resistance

The social affairs specialist, Shadi Qasem, asserts to "Al-Mujtama" that the tribal system experiment in Gaza aims to liquidate any Palestinian liberation system, to engage people in tribal conflicts, and to regress Gaza's population 200 years back to when the tribal and village system prevailed. All of this is with the aim of eliminating any gathering or entity resisting the occupation.

He stated: It is impossible for this system to be implemented given the war crimes committed by the occupation in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the martyrdom and injury of more than 130,000 Palestinians, the demolition of around 600,000 housing units, and returning Gaza's population to a life of tents and suffering that will take decades for the people of the Strip to return to their pre-aggression state.

Palestinians see the application of the tribal system as a governing tool for Gaza as stillborn, and that the Zionist's bet on this experiment is a mirage in light of the belief and approach of a people who chose resistance and struggle as a means to liberate the land and establish an independent Palestinian state.


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